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Air Combat USA: FAQ

Air Combat USA: learn from the pros!
The Marchetti SF-260

Are Gift Certificates Available?
Yes! Air Combat USA offers a unique Gift Certificate. We personalize our propmotional DVD with a message customzed by YOU that scrolls across the screen before the movie begins (for example, Happy Birthday! Love, Jane). This promotional DVD is approximately four minutes long and shows awesome aerial footage.

"Paul Harding, a 46-year-old executive from Manhattan, usually flies on commercial air lines, but also likes flying the unfriendly skies. 'After I tried this the first time, I was hooked,' he said. 'I've gone three times and I hope to go up again."'

How safe is it?
Air Combat USA is absolutely committed to safety. Our aircraft are maintained in strict accordance with the Federal Air Regulations and our instructors, both military and civilian, have enviable credentials. Most are former military pilots from the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps., several are graduates of Red Flag and the Navy Fighter Weapons School. Biographies of each instructor pilot are available upon request. The military rules of engagement establish safe minimum altitudes and distances between the airplanes throughout the maneuvers. Our proven training techniques will put you at ease at the controls and give you the confidence to execute even the most complex air combat maneuvers.

Do people ever suffer motion sickness while engaging in air combat?
Based on our experience, less than 10% of our guest pilots suffer from motion sickness. We attribute this low rate to the fact that you are in control of the aircraft. You are far less likely to become ill while in control than as a passenger. Secondly, you will be taught to focus on your opponent at all times; not the horizon. This will not only ensure you get the kill, it will provide a more stable reference point. Nonetheless, this is your experience. Should at any time during the flight, you begin to feel uncomfortable, simply lighten up on the controls and tell your instructor. He will do what he can to make your flight more enjoyable.

Air Combat USA - Marchetti SF-260
The view's not bad either!

What kind of people do this?
Air Combat USA's customers come from all walks of life and ages. Katrina Mumaw flew her first mission at age eight. Helen Wallace is a great-grandmother from Washington and after flying Phase I, has returned to fly Phases II and III. in general, 9O% of our customers are either armchair fighter pilots who dream of such an experience, or adventure seekers who are continually stretching the edges of the envelope.

Do I need any flying experience?
Most of our customers do not have a pilot's license, and many have never flown in a single-engine aircraft. Any advantage a pilot may have over a non-pilot is soon neutralized when they take the stick of the Marchetti and engage in aerial dogfights.

Can I do this? Will I have fun?
Absolutely! Second only to safety is our pledge to you to have FUN! FUN! FUN! It is an experience you will talk about and remember forever. Everyone can do it. During your mission you will be continually coached by your instructor pilot to ensure a successful mission, and you will walk away with a unique sense of achievement that will be difficult to top.

How does a customer sign up for Advanced Phases
A customer may register for Air Combat by calling our office in Sarasota, FL. Advanced Phases focus on more complex maneuvers and appeal to the frustrated fighter pilot or aviation enthusiast. Many Air Combat USA locations make great family getaways with reasonable lodging and a variety of local attractions

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