Incredible Adventures Presents Air Combat USA!

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Air Combat USA

Have you ever dreamed of suiting up, jumping into a fighter aircraft and engaging in aerial combat? Air Combat USA brings you the ultimate high speed air combat maneuvering. Fly at the controls of our SF 260 Marchetti, used by 23 air forces around the world.

This is NOT a Simulator   

You control a light attack fighter trainer, flying with a fully qualified military tactical fighter pilot/instructor next to you. Air Combat USA utilizes state-of-the-art aviation equipment, laser video targeting systems, and provides the ambiance of a fighter squadron to offer the ultimate aviation experience. Make this personal challenge and competitive experience yours by joining the elite forces at Air Combat USA! Note: No pilot's license required.

For more information call: 1-800-644-7382

Marchetti SF260


Max Level Speed: 187 kts
Cruise Speed: 175 kts
Max Range: 805 nm
Stall Speed-Full Flaps: 60 kts
Best Climb Rate: 1800 fpm
Service Ceiling: 19,000 ft
Takeoff Ground Roll: 1000 ft
Landing Ground Roll: 1479 ft

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