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Fly the L-39 'Albatros' Over Russia

in the US, Russia, Germany & Prague
Fly the L-39 Albatos over Russia! This could be you in the cockpit of the L-39 Albatros MiG Flights - Live the dream!

Fly the L-39 over Russia with one of the incredible pilots of Team Rus. Flights originate at Vyazma Air Base, where Russian Air Force pilots train to fly fighter jets.

Photos: Fly a MiG-29 Fighter JetIn a small town 250 km from Moscow, young Russian Air Force pilots train to fly fighter jets in the incredible L-39 jet trainer. Instructors there are members of the renowned air show demonstration team "RUS" and are considered to be among the world's top L-39 pilots. Now, you can fly with these amazing pilots without joining the Russian Air Force. Add a Russian L-39 adventure to any MiG or Russian Zero-Gravity adventure or just fly at Vyazma. Either way, it's guaranteed to be an incredible adventure.

The Czech-made L-39 is known for its flying ability, reliability and the great visibility from both cockpits. The jet trainer is used by more than 30 Air Forces around the world.

Fly the L-39 and you can practice the same maneuvers you'll perform in the MiG or Sukhoi, including Immelmans, loops and tailslides.

The L-39 “Albatros” was selected as the standard jet trainer in 1972 for the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries and was the successor to the L-29 Delfin jet. Its design began in 1966, and the first prototype made its first flight 1968. Serial production was delayed until 1974 due to problems with the design of the air intakes.

More than 2800 planes in all versions were built. It is currently in military service in more than 30 Air Forces in Europe (including Russia), Asia, Africa and America.

The L-39 is a single engine, tandem two seat, all-metal, subsonic aircraft. The aircraft's primary mission is basic and advanced training, with external armament stores that would enabled it to fulfil operational training in ground attack roles. The L-39 is a unique blend of Soviet-style simplicity and Czechoslovakian technology. This is an amazingly easy aircraft to fly with excellent back-up systems.

L-39 features:

  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • High reliability
  • Operation capability on improvised airfields, semi-prepared and grass airstrips
  • Excellent visibility from both cockpits
  • Easy to maintain and service, low operational costs
  • Subsonic speeds

L-39 key characteristics:

  • Length, m 12.1
  • Take-Off Weight, kg 4,700
  • Operational Ceiling, m 11,000
  • Wingspan, m 9.5 Speed:
  • Mach 0.8 / 560 mph Load Factor + 8 G

What’s it Like?

quote The weather was completely clear and the pilots decided they would take the three of us up at the same time. We were therefore treated to being in three aircraft doing a formation takeoff followed by formation flying, maneuvers and a chance to take the controls. This was a great flight, quite different from the MIG flight but no lesser experience, the scenery was amazing, the flying extraordinary. The return to Moscow via a Cafe for dinner saw us all comparing notes on the flights and enthusing about everything.end quote ~Spencer, Jon & Danny

quoteI think you should do lots more Vyazma. It was very good. Lots of "you have control" and lots of aerobatics. The L39 is a super little aeropalne. Very easy to fly, viceless little plane. Wish I could afford one. Grand finale was "OK you land it". So I did. I never thought the Russian Air Force would let me land one of their jet trainers! end quote ~ Nick (who, by the way, is an experienced, licensed pilot)

Adventure Details

No pilot’s license is required. Anyone over 18 and in reasonably good health can fly. Security clearance is required, and you’ll need a travel visa to visit Russia, so advance planning is necessary. Flights at Vyazma are available on weekdays, from March through November.

Choose from thirty minute or sixty minute flights. Multiple flights can be completed in one day and friends can experience the thrill of formation flying for no additional charge. Our standard packages include transportation between Moscow and Vyazma, the services of our translator and lunch.

You’ll also leave the base with digital photos and/or video of your incredible L-39 adventure.


Vyazma L-39 flight & hotel packages start at $4950 US.

E-mail or call Incredible Adventures today for a full color brochure, schedules, details and rates: 800 644-7382

Fly the L-39 Albatos over Russia! Fly the L-39 Albatos over Russia! Fly the L-39 Albatos over Russia!

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