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Fly the L-39 'Albatros'

Now Flying Over Switzerland

This adventure is not currently available.
Please call for further information:

Fly a fighter jet over the Swiss Alps L-39 cockpit photo Fly a fighter jet over the Swiss Alps

Fly the L-39 'Albatros' in the Swiss Alps

Chase through valleys and alongside steep mountains at maximum speed!

Flying the L-39 jet in Switzerland is an unparalleled experience. Breathtaking scenery offers unique possibilities for flying this agile aircraft.

The Swiss Air Force L-39, which takes part in NATO air combat training with the French Air Force, is available for flights. Fly with top-notch military pilots.

More powerful than any piston engine two-seater, the L-39 is made for maximum maneuverability and flight experience. Since the L-39 is a trainer, both the instructor and the trainee (you!) have a fully-equipped cockpit and a great view.

Thanks to its short and straight wings, the L-39 can perform stunning maneuvers and push up to +8 / -4 G. Itís a great value for the money and provides a thrill youíll never forget.

Whatís included in an incredible L-39 adventure flight in Switzerland?

  • Pre-flight briefing with pilot
  • Theoretical instruction by experienced test pilots
  • Ejection seat training
  • Incredible flight including Loops, Rolls, Immelman, Split-S, Dive, Steep Climb, Canyon/Valley runs in the Swiss Alps
  • Opportunity to take the controls and fly the jet
  • Airfield admission
  • Flight certificate including the specs of your flight

Also available for additional cost:

  • An in-flight video (will be delivered to you on DVD)
  • Services of a local guide

See the following video to get an idea what spectacular scenery awaits you:

Swiss Air Force Flying the in the Swiss Alps


L-39 Fighter Jets L-39 Fighter Jets L-39 Fighter Jets

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