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Skydive Everest - Equipment & Safety

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UPDATE - In October of 2008, a very special group of individuals made history when they became the first to Skydive Everest. Jumpers landed safely on the highest jump zone on earth, with memories they'll never forget. The adventure was so incredible, we want to offer it again. But for now, we're off to conquer a new mountain. In June of 2009, we'll be in Alaska to deliver the first-ever high-altitude skydives over Mt McKinley, the highest peak North America. It will be an incredible adventure unlike any other.

Yaks & yak men on the trail up to Periche Skydive Everest - Mi-17 helicoptor transport Chukung Valley, Nepal, Himalayas

All the skydiving equipment will be provided for you. Jumping at such altitudes requires special parachute equipment which has been manufactured from very robust materials. You will not jump your own rig. Your Everest Skydive rig will be packed for you under the supervision of an advanced packer.

The opening altitudes for your main parachute will be between 16,000ft and 18,000ft AMSL (above mean sea level). The main landing area (DZ) is at 12,350ft AMSL. These altitudes demand large main parachutes of 300 - 400 sq ft and a reserve of similar size. Both the parachutes we are using have been proven successfull on high altitude landing areas.

A world renowned AAD (has been incorporated into the system on the reserve.

You will be issued with a standard MA2 - 30 altimeter that is accurate up to 30,000ft, so your AGL will be correct at 12,350ft and you will have a true reading on your altimeter.

You will also be provided with a skydiving oxygen system. The system has been well proven at high altitude, is unobtrusive, and non restrictive to body movement or vision

You will have thermal head cover, head protection and protective goggles provided.

You will be fully familiarized with all the equipment.

Participating Licensed skydivers will also make their own test jumps so as to satisfy the Everest Skydive team– and themselves– that they are ready to make their High Altitude Skydive. Tandem passengers will also be fully prepared by their tandem master prior to making their tandem descent.

You will also have a small personal survival kit, compass, firefly strobe, and 2 way mini radio in case of landing off the DZ. The DZ “vehicles” are an Equirrel B3 helicopter, or a sherpa guide with a yak and yak man, if the distance is not too far from the DZ.

AMSL - Above mean sea level. Used by pilots when defining altitude, MSL refers to feet above sea level as opposed to above the ground. Pilots always use MSL when referring to altitude.

DZ - The Drop Zone. This is generally the area where skydivers operate their aircraft, freefall, deploy and land their parachutes, it can mean the business which owns the planes and arranges jumps.

AAD - Automatic Activation Device. A device that senses rate of descent and altitude and which will attempts to mechanically activate the reserve parachute if the skydiver passes below a set altitude at a high rate of descent.

Reserve - The auxiliary parachute carried on every intentional parachute jump.

AGL - Above Ground Level. Altitudes are in reference either to Ground Level of Sea Level (see MSL). Skydivers always use AGL when referring to altitude.

Yak - A long-haired bovine found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia. (And a very cool plane you can fly in California.)

E-mail or call Incredible Adventures today for further details: 800 644-7382

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