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Space Training Pennsylvania
Before you can fly you've got to spin

Space Training, Subsonic in the L-39 Space Training, Subsonic in the L-39 Space Training, Subsonic in the L-39

Are You Space Worthy?

You run five miles a day. You're at the gym more than the curly-haired kid that sits Are YOU Space Worthy?behind the front desk. You eat your fruits and vegetables. You may think you could easily handle the physical and psychological demands of a flight to space, but would you bet $250,000 on it?

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While our newest space adventure won't officially qualify you for a suborbital space flight, it will give you a pretty good idea if you have the right stuff for space. 

Using the same sophisticated simulators used to train astronauts and fighter pilots, we'll test your senses (and your stomach) in ways you never imagined. We've found a way to deliver a suborbital flight experience that doesn't require you to leave the atmosphere...or even the building.

Incredible Adventures is teaming up with the National Aerospace Training & Research (NASTAR) Center in Pennsylvania to offer an intense two-day introduction to space flight

You'll receive detailed classroom briefings and centrifuge and altitude chamber training before completing a simulated suborbital flight.

Think of this adventure as a "suborbital flight with training wheels" or "Disney's Mission Space on steroids".

The introductory price of this two-day Space on Earth adventure is $4950 + lodging and airfare. Our first program for individuals takes place November 29th & 30th. Groups of six or more can pick their own dates.

For more information, you need to give us a call at 800-644-7382 or send us an email.

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