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This trip is designed to be a trip that will change your life, but not only yours, many children directly. No one gets paid to put these trips on and we do it purely voluntarily to help those we which to help. 100% of public raised money goes directly to the cause. You will get the chance to visit the orphanage before we head off into the mountains to keep you motivated when times are tough on top of the world. You don't need to be super fit - how you respond to altitude is more important - and we take our time, a lot more than other treks to make sure everyone makes it and that we have plenty of time to acclimatize. On our triumphant descent we will be gigging at remote monasteries and villages before we return to Kathmandu to gig in and around the city- our own Kathmandu street festival.

Itinerary #1: 24 Days, Mera Peak

Itinerary #2: 18 Days, Return by Helicopter [pdf format]

Itinerary #3: 11 Days, Tengboche Trek [pdf format]

24 Day Itinerary for Mera Peak
Day 1 ~ Kathmandu 1300 meters
You arrive in Kathmandu and after the initial culture shock, you will be transported to your hotel. Evening will start with a briefing on the trip and will be followed by a complimentary dinner in a very comfortable restaurant offering mouthwatering Nepali food. Just to give you a taste of things.
Day 2 Kathmandu 1300 meters
In Kathmandu – for those who have come fully prepared and do not need to stock up on equipments and gears from Kathmandu will have the day free to absorb the rich cultural aspect of Kathmandu with planned sightseeing trips. Those that have left it till the last minute can take the opportunity this day to buy or hire whatever they might need for the summit bid to Mera and for the trek there.
Day 3 Chuthok (35 minutes flight 2780 meters – 5 hrs. walk)
We take the early morning flight to Lukla which in itself gives you a great view of the Himalayan range and land at Lukla which is an experience in itself. We will be met here by our climbing staff and after quick photo ops, we start our trek. It is a five hour walk today by the end of which we reach a place called Chuthok where you will find your campsite ready and the staff waiting with hot tea and sandwiches. Lunch will happen at a scenic spot along the walk but dinner at the camp will be a first night to remember.
Day 4 Chuthok to Pangoma 2850 meters / 6 hrs. walk
For every uphill, there is a downhill in the Himalayas and this proves to be a good lesson in life as well. This day like many other days to come will follow this pattern. We cross Chuthok la and descend 300 meters to camp site at Pangoma.
Day 5 Pangoma to Ningswa 2900 meters / 5 hrs walk
Today your trek north along the ridge of the river Hinku Khola. It takes the whole day to reach Khure but you are rewarded with fantastic views of 6,500m (21,325ft) peaks, Sanu Himal, Mojang Himal and Mera Himal. Overnight in Khure(Ningswa).
Day 6 Ningswa to Chatra Chu 3500 meters / 6 hrs. walk
Today is a very rewarding day in terms of the views. Like before it is a roller coaster kind of day but the stunning views of the Mera range along with Mojang Himal and the beautiful campsite awaiting at Ningswa will give those tired legs and extra impetus.
Day 7 Chatra Chu to Kothe 3700 meters / 8 hrs. walk
We will truly feel some of the altitude today and today is quite a long day to reach Kothe. However the ascent upto 3500 meters will not be too difficult as we go through scenic pine forests. Lunch today will be packed to save time.
Day 8 Kothe to Thangna 4356 / 7 hrs. walk
Another long day today but you will be resting tomorrow giving you time to heal and do some checking to see whether your guitars have handled the trip as well as you have had. Along the way in a small but old monastery built in a cave – a quiet spot for you to reflect on all your sins till date. Thangna is a lonely outpost with a few houses, all in place to service tired climbers with dreams of Mera in their eyes. The place is rewarding though with a huge moraine and a lake close by. You are truly above 4000 meters today, meaning you will be at a higher altitude than all the souls on this earth – bar a few thousand.
Day 9
Rest day – free to play
Day 10 Thangnak to Khare (Base Camp) 4919 meters / 5 hrs. walk
We will be above 5000 meters today at certain places so the going will be very slow – plus things will be a bit more difficult because we will be walking along a moraine of a glacier close by. We ascend the moraine and reach the top of the Hinju and Shar glaciers which makes up the campsite at Khare.
Day 11 & Day 12
Rest Days. Key acclimatization days for us. However rest does not mean we will be sitting around - today you will feel like a true mountaineer for we walk up to the ice and practice our crampon and ice axe techniques.
Day 13 Khare to Mera Base Camp 5500 meters / 4 hrs walk
A short day but we ascend very slowly, giving ourselves as much time to acclimatize to the rare height you will find yourselves in. Today we reach the Mera Base Camp by crossing the Mera pass and descending about a 100 meters to set up camps.
Day 14
Rest Day today and you will truly need one. For those who would like to acclimatize better for the gig at the top, they can take short walk up to higher elevations and come back down to the camp. Those less inclined can of course strum on a guitar or go breathless trying to blow a balloon.
Day 15 Mera Base Camp to high camp 5800 meters / 5 hrs walk
Another short day in terms of distance but the altitude will of course slow things down a bit. 4 to 5 hrs. walk will bring us to our high camp where we spend a restful night in anticipation of what is to come tomorrow – the World’s Highest Gig. Early dinner and early to bed because we wake up at 2 am to start the long march to the Summit.
Day 16 Summit day / WHG day 6476 meters / 10 hrs
Today is going to be the most testing for it can take upto 6 hrs. to get to the summit and then do the gig and after it walk back down to Mera base camp. However this is the day you signed up for. The summit of Mera is truly an amazing spot where you can see five of the world’s highest peaks. The summit area is broad in its expanse and this is where you will pull out your choice of instruments and do your stuff. After the gig, we walk down to Mera Base camp below the High camp and take stock of what you have achieved that day – a name in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Day 17 to Day 22
Walk back with a renewed spring in your step towards Lukla
Day 23
Fly back to Kathmandu for a much needed bath
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