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Cool Stuff:
Alex Panchenko Space Collectibles

Limited Edition Books

Cosmonautics coverAnatoliy BerezovoyBerezovoy signature pageCosmonautics pages
[Item 001] Click to expand photos.

This incredible history of the Soviet/Russian space program was written, edited and photographed by more than 100 of the top space experts in Russia, including the Chief Executive for Space Affairs and Russia's official Space Photographer. It features over 500 color photos, most never before published! Each book comes with three posters: Cosmonauts; Space ships and Stations; and Launch vehicles. So little is still known about the Russian Space program, that when finished, readers of this book will likely know more than 99% of the world's "space experts". (In English.)

A limited number of autographed copies, signed by famous MiG-21 test pilot Anatoliy Berezovoy, commander of the First 211 Day Mission to Salyut-7, are available. Price includes shipping within US.

Item 001 Unsigned Copies: Email for Pricing
Item 001 Autographed Copies: Email for Pricing

Commemorative Medals

Commemorative Medallion made from space ship metal Vostok-l Commemorative Documentation
[Item 002] Click to expand photos.

This medal, measuring 40mm in diameter, was minted from Flown Space Ship metal by order of the Central Museum of Cosmonautics. Front side depicts profile of first man in space Yuri Gagarin next to his rocket carrier. Below Gagarin's profile is his signature and the text "First manned flight "Vostok" 12 april, 1961."

Medal comes with certificate of authenticy from Central Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics. Email for Pricing

Special Patches & Badges
[Item 003] Cosmonaut Training Center Patch COSMONAUT TRAINING CENTER PATCH.
Official patch of Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City.Worn by cosmonauts during pre-flight preparation/training. Email for Pricing
[Item 004] Team of Russian Cosmonauts Patch TEAM OF RUSSIAN COSMONAUTS PATCH.
New official patch of Russian Cosmonauts Team.Worn by cosmonauts during pre-flight training. Email for Pricing
[Item 005] First Space Walk Autographed Patches "VOSKHOD-2" WORLD'S FIRST SPACE WALK AUTOGRAPHED PATCHES.
Original patches commemorate world's first space walk performed by Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov march 18, 1965 from "Voskhod-2" space ship. Patches autographed by Alexei Leonov- world famous cosmonaut who was also a commander of Soviet Soyuz-19 in Soyuz-Apollo flight 1975. Email for Pricing
[Item 006] Voskhod-2 Space Walk Autographed Patch
[Item 008] MiG Test Pilot Patch "MIG" TEST PILOT PATCH
Original patch depicts logo of MIG (Mikoyan-Guryevich) and is worn by all types of MIG aircraft test pilots, including MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-25, MiG-29. Email for Pricing
[Item 009] MiG-29 Pilot Patch MIG-29 PILOT PATCH
MiG-29 Russian airforces pilot patch depicts MIG official logo over an aircraft. Email for Pricing
Pilot Wings
[Item 007] Pilot Wings Pilot Wings, Set of 3:
Wings are awarded to pilots according to the number of flight hours they complete, with #1 being the highest honor. Email for Pricing
Gear & Apparel
[Item 010] Soviet Airforce Pilot and Cosmonaut Visor Hat SOVIET AIRFORCE PILOT HAT/COSMONAUT HAT.
Original visor hat worn by Soviet airforce pilots as well as Soviet cosmonauts. Email for Pricing
[Item 016] Cosmonaut Training/Russian Airforce Pilot Suit COSMONAUT TRAINING/RUSSIAN

Official suit of Cosmonaut Training Center used for flight preparations on International Space Station.Same suits were officialy approved by Russian Defense Ministry for airforce fighter pilots. If you fly an aircraft, you just need to change patches on this suit. One size for details. Email for Pricing
[Item 011] Sputnik Ashtray

This original presentation model of the USSR Cosmonautics Federation "Sputnik-1" is an unusual 3" aluminum ashtray above which, attached by soaring "CCCP" (USSR) banner, is a polished/chrome 1" spherical Sputnik model .The ashtray is engraved "4 october 1957"-the date of launching of the first artificial Earth satellite from Cosmodrome Baikonur. The day opened a new page in the history of mankind -the beginning of practical space exploration. Email for Pricing

[Item 012] MiG-21 Presentation Display Model MIG-21 PRESENTATION DISPLAY MODEL.
Measures 15" in length, custom, hand made resin/metal model of Mikoyan-Guryevich Design Bureau.Outstanding quality and high level of details in the pilot cabine, fuselage and undercarriage. Email for Pricing
[Item 013] MiG-29 Presentation Model MIG-29 PRESENTATION MODEL.
This 14" long, custom, hand made resin/metal model comes from the Mikoyan Design Bureau. The MIG-29 is presented in Soviet/Russian airforce camouflage colours. Features detailed fuselage and undercarriage. Email for Pricing
This is the 14" long custom hand made resin/metal model of Mikoyan Design Bureau. This presentation model shows an aircraft used by the famous aerobatic team "Strizhy" (Swifts) from Kubinka airforce base, Proskurovskiy Rregiment. Custom hand painted fuselage with superior level of details including Swifts and MIG emblems, detailed pilot cabin and metal landing gears. Email for Pricing
Alex Pachnko and Alexei Leonov in Moscow

Alex Panchenko Collectibles has been in the business of locating rare air & space collectibles for over 12 years. By special arrangement Incredible Adventures is able to offer some very cool new stuff. Please call or email if you have any questions.

To order: Call us (800-644-7382), email, or send a check to Incredible Adventures, 1903 Northgate Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34234

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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