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Locations include Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Park City, Vail & Moab

Sample Adventures & Pricing

Mountain Crossings ~ Pick Your Peak

Incredible alpine crossings are available near some of the country's most popular resort locations, including Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Park City, Vail, Moab and Zion National Park, in the Rocky Mountains of Utah and Colorado. You'll launch at dawn from a valley below a majestic peak and rise gently toward the summit. Alpine Flights vary in length depending on wind speed and fuel but generally come to an end in a distant valley by 10 am. Your pilot has intimate knowledge of the unique wind patterns which develop in and around these geographical monuments.

Each mountain crossing requires extensive pre-flight planning and co-operation from Mother Nature. Plan to arrive the day before your scheduled flight and retire early for the dawn launch. Be sure to allow at least one extra day in your travel plans as a weather back-up day.

Single Flight Packages: $2400* - Two Flight Packages: $3600*

* The posted price is not necessarily a per person cost. Rather, it's the minimum price necessary to confirm a date and guarantee a launch, assuming favorable weather and a standard departure point. The actual price of any hot air balloon mountain crossing adventure is determined by a wide variety of factors, including the difficulty of the crossing, the possible costs associated with returning you and the balloon to your departure point and the total number and body weight of passengers. All flight prices include complimentary video and a celebratory meal with your pilot. The maximum number of passengers permitted in the gondola depends on the flight profile and combined weight of the adventurers. Contact Incredible Adventures for complete details.

Extreme Skydiving ~ With or Without Oxygen

Even experienced skydivers can find the idea of parachute jumping from a balloon absolutely terrifying. Little can compare to the thrill of intentionally falling out of a balloon gondola at altitude. Just watching others exit a balloon thousands of feet above the earth can be a heart-thumping experience. No skydiving experience is necessary to make a tandem jump. All necessary training is provided by an experienced tandem master.

Balloon Tandem Jump: $1735*

*Pricing is valid for one jumper and one non-jumping guest and includes all necessary tandem jump training from a certified tandem master, equipment use, raw video and photos. This price reflects the minimum dollar amount necessary to confirm a date and guarantee a launch, and assumes favorable weather and a standard drop zone. Our gondola can accommodate a maximum of two tandem jumpers and two non-jumping flyers. Skydivers can weigh no more than 220 lbs.

We realize the cost to make a tandem skydive from a hot air balloon is significantly higher than the cost to jump from a perfectly good airplane. You'll have to trust us when we tell you the two experiences are completely different. The experience of balloon jumping is often compared to the sport of BASE jumping. Packing like sardines into an incredibly noisy airplane and following a parade of strangers to the door to leap out can be fun, but riding to altitude in peaceful near-silence with just your pilot, tandem master, videographer and a friend or two is truly an incredible adventure worth the price and then some.

(No frills, full basket, up and out, balloon jumps are available to experienced skydivers for a special reduced rate on select dates throughout the year. Contact us for details.)

Tandem Balloon HALO Jumps with Oxygen

Experience the complete insanity of flying 25,000 feet high in a hot air balloon and jumping out. Special Balloon Tandem HALO jumps are available on a limited basis to the truly adventurous and daring.

Tandem Balloon HALO Jump: $2985*

*Pricing reflects the minimum charge to schedule and guarantee a tandem HALO jump, weather permitting, and includes jump services, balloon flight and complimentary jump video. This is an extreme jump and subjects you to extreme conditions. You must certify you are in good health to participate. There is an additional charge for non-jumping guests. Contact Incredible Adventures for complete details.

Balloon Over Zion

Zion National Park is one of America's most magical and mystical places. See massive canyons and sandstone cliffs. Choose a single-flight adventure or a multiday, multi-flight adventure complete with land-based touring and lodging. Choice of flight profiles include a snow canyon crossing, mesa crossing or Zion Park overflight.

Minimum launch pricing varies and ranges from $1800 - $4800.

Custom "virtually all-inclusive" holiday adventures can also be arranged for small groups. We can help to arrange luxury accommodations, a jeep safari, a native drum circle ceremony and other fun stuff. Contact Incredible Adventures for a personalized adventure quote.

High Altitude Balloon Flights

The typical balloon flight is conducted at low altitude and designed to maximize scenery viewing below. Trust us when we say there's nothing typical about this adventure! Imagine being suspended in a gondola flying higher than Everest. Too high? How about 10,000 feet high in a basket? Minimum high-altitude launch pricing ranges from $1600 to $3800. This is not necessarily a per person price. Contact Incredible Adventures for a personalized adventure quote.

Balloon Pilot Flight Training

Learn to solo in a balloon in just days. Your pilot is an FAA certified balloon flight instructor. The hours you log will count toward the total needed to obtain a more advanced flight certification.

Pricing ranges from $3600 to $4200 for a three to four day training program. Ask us. You may be permitted to bring along an observer on one or more of your training flights for no additional charge.

Custom International Crossings ~ Imagine the Possibilities

Depart Santiago, Chile for an incredible crossing over the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere; Aconcagua. Land in the wine region of Mendoza, Argentina.

Where would you like to fly? The Alps? The Pyrenees? The Straits of Gibraltar? The English Channel?

If there's a special place you'd like to fly, just ask. If it's possible, we'll provide you with a custom price quote.

Special Events & Stunt Pilot Services

Wedding Proposals, Aerial Photography, Corporate Events, TV Commercials, Air Show Appearances, Film Work

If you need a balloon and experienced pilot for something incredible, just let us know.

Inside a Hot Air Balloon Fly Over the Alps in a Hot Air Balloon Fully mobile balloon can go anywhere.
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