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Cape Town Jets

Important News
No More Thrilling Jet Sorties from Thunder City
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Latest Photos from Thunder City!
Fly supersonic former combat jets Fly the English Electric Lightning! Fly supersonic ex military combat jets

Fly Ex-Combat Supersonic Jets
Buccaneer, Hawker Hunter, English Electric Lightning

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Mike Beachy Head didn't have room for a dozen or so fighter jets in his garage, so he built Thunder City. Located adjacent to Cape Town International, Thunder City is home of the world's largest private jet squadron and the only civilian operator to offer supersonic flights in former military jets.

Thunder City News
Richard Branson Attempts a World Speed Record at Thunder City -
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Big Bad Dog
James Pengelly dreamed of flying the English Electric Lightning -
Read his story here

Thunder City is also the home of National Test Pilot School South Africa, an affiliate of the well known National Test Pilot School based in Mojave, California. Test pilots and flight engineers from around the world travel to South Africa to train in these incredible Cape Town Jets. You can too!

Make your dream of extreme flying come true!
There’s only one place in the world where you can strap yourself into a Mach 2 English Electric Lightning and climb 60,000 feet closer to heaven in just over a minute...

A place where you can scream out over the Atlantic at 650 mph in a Buccaneer and take a g-pulling and breath-stealing aerobatic flight in a Hawker Hunter.

And it happens to be one of the world's most beautiful cities...Incredible Cape Town!

Cape Town offers incredible flying adventures surrounded by amazing scenery:

  • Go vertical in the Lightning.
  • Fly low in the Buccaneer.
  • Perform aerobatics in the Hawker Hunter.
  • Do it all while flying through the mountains or along the coastline.

You don’t have to be a pilot to fly a supersonic Cape Town Jet.
The Lightning and Hawker feature dual controls and side-by-side seating. In the Buccaneer, the seating is tandem and only the pilot has controls. You’ll be actively involved in the flight playing the role of navigator.

Fly a supersonic ex military Cape Town Jets!Fly a supersonic jet in Cape Town
See Cape Town by Jet Fighter!


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 Cape Town Jets

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