Comparing the Super Aviator and a traditional submersible
is like comparing an airplane and a hot air balloon!

Deep Flight Aviator Submersible Old Fashioned Submersible

Super Aviator


Old-style Conventional Submersible

Very cool new class of hydrobatic submersible craft, built to fully explore underwater flight   Not new, not so cool
The Super Aviator looks like an airplane and flies like an airplane.   Looks like a Disney ride. Drives like a tractor, fully loaded
It is similar in configuration to the USAF A10 and is piloted by two crew   Not like a jet, more like a blimp

Lightweight, high-powered, composite airframe with wings, thruster and flight control


Think of conventional submersibles as slow, bulky, stiff underwater balloons

Your view is totally unrestricted


In a traditional submersible, your view of the ocean is limited to what can be seen from a small porthole. If you're claustrophobic, don't even think about it

You will see much more! Has the low intrusiveness of a stealth submarine   Equivalent to scouting the jungle for tigers with a marching band. Traditional submersibles are noisy and lit up like Christmas trees. Any organism that can flee, does
The Aviator pilot's primary instrument is a pitch and roll (attitude), that, like high performance aircraft, needs to work through 360 degrees in both axes. Who knows when you may need extreme maneuvers to keep the giant tiger shark off your tail?   Conventional sub pilots watch bubble inclinometers to make sure they stay level at all times
The battery-propelled Super Aviator is "flown" quickly and quietly to its destination   A traditional submersible must slowly sink down to its desired depth
You strap tightly into the same five-point harness restraints used by Indy car racers   You perch on a seat

The Super Aviator travels many times faster than a traditional submersible.

  Speed: slow as molasses on a cold day
The Aviator will break all kinds of new records that have never even been thought of: fastest ascent/descent; longest/fastest search range (for a submersible); first (one atmosphere) inverted flight; and more!   Broke records in its day (now over)


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