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Fly underwater in the Super Aviator Sub Adventures in the Super Aviator submersible The Super Aviator

The Ultimate in Low Level Flying

We're excited to introduce the debut of the Super Aviator, a one-of-a-kind two-seat submersible designed to "fly" underwater, much the way a fixed wing aircraft would. The Super Aviator features the latest in underwater technology and allows you to witness the wonders of the ocean without getting wet.

It's all plane sailing: The Super Aviator sub in action - The Daily Mail, November 7, 2009. "The Super Aviator is the personal sub designed like an aeroplane... and with views like this, you won't need an in-flight movie!"
Submarines for Everyone! - Wired, July 22, 2009. An great article that summarizes the development of the "persub" (personal submersible) including our Super Aviator.

The Aviator occasionally takes time out from her work with film crews and undersea explorers so her owners, Sub Aviator Systems, LLC, can train a new crop of underwater pilots.

A limited number of spots are then available in their SAS Flight School. An introductory piloting course that includes initial land training and a single "sea exploration" flight is also being offered.

Launching the Super Aviator in the Bahamas Sub adventures in underwater flight The Super Aviator hydrobatic submersible vehicle
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Underwater flight becomes a reality for the first time

Imagine, if you will...traveling back in time to the year 1903. Orville Wright has invited you to be the co-pilot on one of the world's very first airplane flights. If your response to Orville would have been a roaring "let's go!", this adventure is for you.

Be among the first in the world to experience a totally new dimension of flight…nderwater. Hundreds have traveled to space. Few have experienced the incredible thrill of a flight in the Super Aviator.

The Super Aviator - a Unique Hydrobatic Submersible Craft

The Super Aviator is a new class of hydrobatic submersible craft, built to fully explore underwater flight. Think of conventional submersibles as slow, bulky, stiff underwater balloons, and the Super Aviator as a lightweight, high-powered, composite airframe with wings, thruster and flight controls. It is similar in configuration to the USAF A10 and is piloted by two crew. The Super Aviator looks like an airplane and flies like an airplane and is fully hydrobatic. (Click here for Comparison Chart of the Super Aviator vs. conventional submersibles.)

Super Aviator Test Flights - INA Quarterly, Spring 2009 - Institute of Nautical Archeology reviews the Lake Tahoe test flights and agree the sub is "Sleek, fast, maneuverable and sophisticated..." Read more

The Super Aviator combines the freedom of scuba and the depth capability and underwater viewing of a submersible with the low intrusiveness of a stealth submarine. A traditional submersible must slowly sink down to its desired depth. The battery-propelled Super Aviator is "flown" quickly and quietly to its destination.

The deep ocean is a truly alien world. It has the infinite vastness of outer space, but unlike space, it is heavily populated with alien creatures, geologic features, and ancient shipwrecks awaiting discovery. There is little we can say to prepare you for the mind-altering experience of a Sub Adventure.

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