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FinishLine Racing School: FAQ

Racing Finish Line Brian Sockwell
Each Student is critiqued after every one of their driving segments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the FinishLine Racing Schools class size?
A: FinishLine Racing School limits each class to a maximum of 10 students.

Q: How often does the racing school run?
A: The FinishLine Racing School operates 12 months a year.

Q: How many hours a day does the race school run at the race track?
A: We generally race from 8 am to 5 pm - minus a lunch break.

Q: What kind of race car will I drive?
A: FinishLine Racing School has several options. You may be driving V-8 NASCAR Late Models, NASCAR Grand American Open Wheeled Modifieds, NASCAR All Pro, Late Model Stock Truck, V-8 NASCAR Sportsman race cars, or a new NASCAR Super Truck! (Race car selection will be based on driver experience, track location, and instructor evaluation of your driving skills.)

Q: What does my racing school tuition include?
A: The FinishLine Racing School supplies firesuits, nomex undergarments, helmets and gloves. We also supply course material and the race cars. Rental car, hotel and meals are additional. All you need to bring is your comfortable shoes and a spirit for ADVENTURE.

Q: What "teaching" equipment does FinishLine Racing School use in your racing curriculum?
A: We use the following tools for teaching:

  1. Racing Radios: Students receive quality instruction via radio, allowing them to correct mistakes as they happen - so their driving time is not wasted time - every lap will count as a teaching tool. The radios are used for strategy, the preferred "line", and other technical tips.

  2. Stopwatches: We use Longacre stopwatches and record every lap with written comments of each student's individual times - another teaching tool! We encourage students to learn from their times - what we are striving for is consistency - not speed - speed will come naturally

Q: Are FinishLine Racing School cars "restricted"?
A: FinishLine Racing School does use MSD Computer chips only as a teaching tool. (Once the student has obtained the proper training, no limiting device is used.) These are Real Race Cars by the end of three days, and students generally will be running competitive "Saturday Night" racing times.

Q: While attending the FinishLine Racing School how many laps can I expect?
A: Estimated lap count for the 1st day: 34 laps, 2nd day: 52 laps, and 3rd day: 52 lap. Note: lap count includes warm-up and cool down laps.


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