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FinishLine Racing School: Programs

Not available at the present time.
Call 800-644-7382 for other driving adventure options.

Fast track to car racing skills
Each student receives an "individual" critique,
as well as the class as a whole

Introduction To Short Track Car Racing
(estimated laps: 34)
Get a taste of what most people only dream about - the thrill of driving an authentic race car! Learn the art of car control and basic racing tactics from race school instructors who are champions in their own right. The cars you learn in are NASCAR Winston competition Late Models.

Competition Driving Course
(Two days) $3195
(estimated laps: 86)
Short Track Racing is where virtually every past or current NASCAR, INDY, ARCA, IMCA or ASA driver started. Short Track Racing Skills are something not to be left behind once a driver enters the "big leagues" The ratio of students to instructors at the FinishLine Racing School is 3 to 1, giving you the individual attention you need. Students are in constant Racing Radio communication with their race school instructors; allowing instructors to correct mistakes as they happen, give advice, and offer encouragement at every turn. The bottom line is that each student gets maximum seat time, each lap is logged and students can successfully obtain faster speeds each time out.

Race To Win/Advanced Course
(Three days) $4395
(estimated laps: 138)
This three day race school course is designed to give the first time driver full exposure to short track racing. It also provides the experienced racer who has not yet reached the victory circle, the professional skills needed to take the checkered flag. Following the Competition Driving Course, you will further refine your skills and driving agility learned in the Late Model stock car. You will also have the chance to move into a NASCAR Grand American Modified. This 550 hp, open wheel race car, gives new meaning to excitement! An added attraction to the three day course is the possible chance to drive our new Super Truck!


  • FinishLine Racing School does not supply race shoes. Students will not be allowed to drive in the FinishLine Racing School in heeled shoes. Low-soled sneakers are mandatory for proper peddle feel. The size of your shoes could determine which FinishLine Racing School Race Car you drive.

  • To properly drive a FinishLine Racing School car it's also mandatory to drive a race car with two feet, left foot on brake, right foot on throttle. In preparation for your upcoming race school, you need to start practicing in you street vehicle now. Upon arrival if an instructor deems you unsafe in your driving style, you will not be able to participate in certain parts of the FinishLine Racing School program and are subject to lose part of your tuition.

  • When attending the FinishLine Racing School it is mandatory to be able to drive a 4 speed transmission - because of the high intensity curriculum at the FinishLine Racing School and the expensive equipment - you can not expect to learn the art of shifting on FinishLine Racing School equipment. I would suggest you rent a 4 speed transmission rental car - and learn there first.

  • FinishLine Racing School uses Racing Radios to communicate with students. If you have a hearing problem it is Mandatory that you let FinishLine Racing School know.

  • The FinishLine Racing School carries a $1,000,000.00 liability policy. While racing instruction can involve some bent fenders, The FinishLine Racing School is proud of its unblemished, injury free history.

  • SAFETY IS FINISHLINE RACING SCHOOL PRIME CONCERN. Instruction starts with classroom video presentations of the latest advances in safety.

The lap count listed with each program is an estimate and is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.

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for further details: 800 644-7382

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FinishLine Racing School
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