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Greg's Moscow Adventure

By Greg "MiGMan" Claxton

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Greg prepares for flight in the L-39
Greg prepares for
flight in the L-39

Greg and Ildus Kiramov
Greg and Ildus Kiramov

Greg and the MiG-25
Greg and the MiG-25

Caroline suiting up
Suiting Up

Caroline in the L-39 cockpit
Caroline in the L-39 cockpit

MiG-25 takes off
MiG-25 takes off

Greg Claxton goes sightseeing in Moscow
Sightseeing in Moscow

Until recently, my dream of flying a jet fighter in Moscow was exactly that.just a dream. As Director of Sales of Incredible Adventures, I'd spent more than five years offering my clients the opportunity to fly a jet fighter in Moscow, yet I'd never had the opportunity to complete the adventure myself. Like many people, I always felt I was too busy to leave the US for a week. My clients would return saying how great the pilots and crew were in Moscow. I would hear all of the great memories of climbing to the "Edge of Space" in the MiG-25, doing a vertical climb in the MiG-29 at 60,000 feet/minute, or completing an all out aerobatic sortie in the nifty L-39 jet trainer.

I'm happy to say that this changed for me Easter Week 2001! My dream of flying with a famous Russian Test Pilot finally became a reality. I can't believe I waited so long to fly! I flew with Ildus Kiramov, Chief of the Light Aircraft Division at Zhukovsky Air Base and one of the most honored pilots in Russia. He took me through a series of maneuvers like I have never experienced before. I pulled five and a half g's as we performed Immelmans, Hammerheads, Loops, Rolls and my favorite the Tail Slide. After each maneuver Ildus would ask, "Are you ok"? My response every time would emphatically be, "Lets do it again"!

Before landing we did a traditional low pass for the video camera so that my "Incredible Dream" would last forever. After landing my only response was "Wow, I can't wait to do this again!" This was by far the most incredible and adrenaline-pumping adventure I have ever experienced.

If you'd like to hear more about my trip to Russia, give me a call at 800-644-7382 or send me an email.


Other Adventures Greg has completed: Low-level Buccaneer flight in Cape Town; T-33 jet program in California; Offshore Rockets program; Covert Ops Fantasy Spy Camp; European Rally School.


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