Life is either an incredible adventure...or nothing at all

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Got friends? Let us design an adventure especially for your group, large or small. Great for families and friends, celebrations and bachelor parties, corporate incentive programs, sales meetings, rewarding top performers, and team-building. We offer the ultimate in action-adventure travel experiences custom-tailored to your group's needs and desires. Call and discuss the details with our Custom Adventure specialists: 800-644-7382

Great Custom Group Adventure Ideas:
(Your adventure will be custom-designed for your group)

Covert Ops Hostage Rescue Operation
Base price:
$995 per person
Size: Best for groups of 12 or more
Location: based outside Tucson, AZ; Other locations also possible.
Number of Days: One
Description: There's been a kidnapping and it's up to you to plan and stage a hostage rescue. Our expert Covert Ops instructors will teach you all the skills necessary to execute the mission. You'll learn room entry techniques, codes and ciphers, reconnaissance procedures, raid planning and more.

Ranger Team Adventures - From Leading Concepts
Base price:
$2500 per person
Size: For individuals or teams of five or more
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Number of Days: Four
Description: Under the direction of former Army Rangers, participants plan and execute Ranger Missions customized to teach teamwork, leadership and communication. The course is conducted in a remote 300 acre outdoor training area. This great package includes meals, lodging, and a 6 month audio cassette series. This workshop is unlike any other and is a guaranteed experience of a lifetime!

Available 2002 dates: October 17-20

Covert Ops - Weapons Course
Base price: $1595 per person
Size: Best for groups of 12
Location: outside Tucson, AZ
Number of Days: One
Description: Spend ½ day on the shooting range, learning the Close Quarter Battle system of pistol shooting from former members of the US Special Forces. Then, learn how to use your vehicle as a weapon and how to escape from ambush in our specially-modified hooking and ramming vehicles.

European Road Rally
Base price: $895 per person
Size: Best for groups of 12 or more
Location: North Florida Number of Days: One
Description: Spend a day at a European motorsports school in northern Florida, learning to slalom, perform handbrake turns, control slides and more in rally cars. You'll also experience kart racing and the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) Safari course.

Race to the Finish Line with Finish Line Racing
Base price:
$1275 per person
Size: Best for groups of eight or more
Location: East Florida Number of Days: One
Description: Learn to drive a V-8 NASCAR in this adrenaline-packed short-track racing adventure in Daytona Beach, FL. A variety of racing venues are available, including the opportunity to race under lights at the Orlando Speedway. Call or e-mail for a complete listing of packages and track locations.

Air Combat Incredible Fly-Off
Base price: $895 per flight plus prize costs
Size: Best for groups of eight or more
Location: Fullerton, CA *Other airports available at additional cost.
Number of Days: One or more
Description: Compete against friends or foes in this full-day aerial combat competition. This single or multiple-day event follows a tournament ladder format with winners advancing toward a final fly-off for Top Gun honors.

Zero-Gravity Adventure in Moscow
Base price:
$5500 per person
Size: Best for groups of six or more
Location: Moscow Russia
Number of Days: Varies
Description: Experience zero-gravity aboard the Russian Space Agency's IL-76 MDK "Flying Laboratory", the same plane used to prepare cosmonauts for space travel. By performing a series of specially choreographed parabolic flight maneuvers, the plane makes gravity all but disappear, leaving participants free to fly, float and somersault throughout the aircraft. Travel to Moscow, hotel accommodations, tours, etc. available at additional cost.

Incredible Sahara
Base price:
$2850 per person
Size: Best for groups of 6 or more
Location: Tunisia Number of days: Eight
Description: Spend an incredible week exploring the Sahara by 4x4, camel, ultralight, dune cart, hovercraft and camel. This package includes meals, lodging and sporting activities, but not air travel to Tunisia.

Around the World By Rail
Base price:
$12,500 per person
Size: Best for groups of four or more
Location: worldwide Number of Days: 40 or more
Description: Travel across four continents by rail, stopping along the way to enjoy amazing sights and attractions. Package includes hotel accommodations and many meals and tours along the journey.

Offshore Rockets
Base price:
$2400 per person (varies)
Size: Best for groups of five
Location: varies Number of days: varies
Description: Rocket across the waves in an action-packed race to have the most fun! Learn the basics of high-performance boating in this offshore boating adventure.

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