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L-39 Movie Flights: FAQ

L-39: Hollywood Top Gun L-39: Hollywood Top Gun L-39: Hollywood Top Gun

When can I schedule a video shoot?
Aircraft and film crews are available year-round but advance scheduling is required in order to insure availability and allow time for obtaining any necessary permits and filing any necessary notifications with aviation authorities.

Do I need to be a pilot or have prior jet flying experience?
No, but your presence in the aircraft during flight must be deemed essential to the motion picture or similar production. If the purpose of the flight is to capture video of you in the aircraft, we’ll send you up with an expert L-39 pilot. The L-39 is a jet trainer and was designed so it could easily be flown by student fighter pilots. The pilot in command can actually have his hands on the controls at the same time you do, helping to guide you through maneuvers. On camera, it looks like you’re flying.

How long does all this take?
A film shoot can vary in duration from a few hours, to weeks or more. A typical single-flight shoot requires approximately 45 minutes for the flight itself and another two to three hours for camera set-up and pre-flight safety and technical briefings.

What requirements are there?
You must have no known heart problems or medical conditions which may be aggravated by g-forces. You must also acknowledge that this program is inherently risky, sign a release of liability and agree to follow all FAA regulations governing motion picture operations. If you are taller than 6’6” or heavier than 250 pounds, we may not be able to accommodate you. Please ask before scheduling.

L-39: Hollywood Top Gun L-39: Hollywood Top Gun L-39: Hollywood Top Gun

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