Life is either an incredible adventure...or nothing at all

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Looking for something UNIQUE?
Not your everday run-of-the mill give-away?
Something to get people excited and motivated?
A great PR idea?
Incredible Adventures has the answer!

Incredible Adventures will put together an incentive program to suit your requirements. Whether for individuals or groups, we'll customize a program of incentive travel which is truly unique, totally exciting and highly motivational!

~ Exciting Sales Incentives: get the best from your sales force and show you reward excellence! The key is MOTIVATION!

~ Team Building Programs: Exciting and fun! Custom-designed Covert Ops programs build camaraderie, reinforce team-work and develop problem-solving skills in an exciting and action-oriented adventure. Your leaders are professional counter-terrorism experts.

~ Sweepstakes/Contests: Create a buzz with the world's coolest prizes! The chance to win a prize from IA is a powerful draw and publicity tool!

~ Thank your best customers and employees: Let them know you appreciate their business! All our incredible adventures make unique and unforgettable gifts and incentive awards. Call us today to discuss how this could work for your company or group. Call 1-800-644-7382 "Why would you share revenues unless you can't go out there and get them yourself?"

Motivate your sales force and keep them at the top of their game with the chance to fly a fighter, race a truck, or experience zero-gravity. Let your best customers know how much you appreciate their loyalty business and keep them happy! The possibilities are unique and exciting. Call Incredible Advnetures to discuss a customized incentive program. Just a few of the many possibilities:

* A Day at the Speedway

It takes guts and determination to be successful in the business world, the same sort of competitive drive needed to be the first across the finish line in an authentic race truck. This program is designed for your top 12 producers to spend a day at Sunshine Speedway, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Learn to race from our expert instructors, then complete qualifying laps for positioning. Race for the checkered flag against other members of your company's sales force. The winner takes home a trophy as a souvenir of an incredible day of speed and thrills.

* Zero-Gravity Over Moscow

Designed for groups of 6 -15, this program provides the unique opportunity to experience weightlessness. Increase your employee loyalty by making it possible for them to train like cosmonauts aboard the Russian Space Agency's IL-76 "flying laboratory". Program takes place in exciting Moscow, Russia.

* MiG-21 Dogfighting Fly-Off

Reward your top 10 distributors with a free dogfight over Florida in the Marchetti SF-260. The terrific 10 will compete in mock dogfights for the ultimate grand prize…a supersonic MiG-21 adventure in Moscow. No prior flying experience is necessary.

Call 1-800-644-7382 to discuss a motivational program to suit your needs!

If your mission is team-building, then ask about our custom-designed Covert Ops programs. Here are a few of the incredible possibilities:

* Hostage Rescue Scenario

Your CEO has been kidnapped by your chief competitor. Her captors have taken her to a remote location, and are demanding the disclosure of all your trade secrets in exchange for her release.

Together, with experienced counter-terrorist experts from our Covert Ops program, you will coordinate her rescue. To be successful, you will need to perfect all the same skills useful in business…you will use strategic thinking skills to carefully evaluate your competitor, build a rescue team and assign responsibilities, and carefully research and plan each action.

Over a period of several hours, you will receive bits and pieces of intelligence about the kidnappers, by telephone and messenger. Some of these reports will be vague and contradictory and some will be essential to discovering where your CEO is being held captive. Together, you will use reasoning skills to evaluate the intelligence and plan your mission. You will elect someone to negotiate with the kidnappers, while the rest of your team is issued paint ball weapons and prepares for an assault. Any mistakes in planning will result in the apparent deaths of the hostage and team members.

This scenario can take place virtually anywhere. Invite our "kidnappers" to your next sales convention!

Win a flight in a MiG-29 over Moscow! Win a zero-gravity adventure!

Incredible Adventures make great sweepstakes prizes to promote your company or product. These are sure to get maximum publicity for your next contest or promotion! Our superb reputation in the field of adventure travel is known across the globe.

Just a few of the companies who have awarded Incredible Adventures as promotional prizes:

Covert Ops Game Promo - Red Storm Entertainment (US)
Win a MiG Flight! Contest - GNC (US)
Dr Pepper/Mission to Mars (Touchstone Pictures, US)
Bud Ice (United Kingdom)
Murphy's Irish Stout (Ireland)
Leopard Lager (New Zealand)
Structure Menswear (US)
"Air Force One" the movie (US)
"Armageddon" the movie (Germany)

A wide variety of our coveted adventures is available to choose from. Call now to discuss a customized sweepstakes program tailored to your goals and budget!


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