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Fly a fighter jet over South Africa: MiG021 Supersonic Club

This adventure is not currently available.
Please call for details and alternatives: 800-644-7382

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Experience a Full Afterburner Take-Off
Break the Sound Barrier
Perform Rolls, Loops, Immelmans & More
Take the Controls
Fly Low and Fast Across the African Bush and Between the Mountains
It's an Incredible Adventure in South Africa

MiG-21 Overview & FAQ

What makes this club special?
South Africa is currently the only place in the world where civilians can arrange a supersonic flight in a legendary MiG-21. Favorable exchange rates make Supersonic Club membership and flight packages extremely affordable. Break the sound barrier without breaking your budget.

Who can join the club?
The MiG-21 Supersonic Club of South Africa is the exclusive club almost anyone can join. No pilot's license or flight experience is required. You need only be in reasonably good health with no known heart or back problems, be at least 16 years of age, and under 6'7" and 275 lbs.

Where are flights based?
Supersonic Club MiG-21 flights take off from an airport near South Africa's famous Kruger National Park. Combine your flying adventure with a safari for the adventure of a lifetime.

When can I fly? Flights are offered all year long, but currently must be scheduled six or more months in advance. (A flight this incredible is worth the wait!)

How long are the flights?
Typical flight time is 30 to 45 minutes, from engine start to engine shut down. Consider adding a second flight for additional supersonic fun. Break the sound barrier and perform loops, rolls & more!

Fly a MiG-21 Over South Africa

The Incredible MiG-21

The single-engine Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 is a robust high altitude interceptor capable of Mach 2 speed. Utilized extensively in the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars, the ultra capable MiG-21 delivers an abundance of speed, reliability, resilience and responsiveness. The MiG-21's high climb rate is comparable to the performance of the F-16A.

Strap into a MiG-21 and blast off on a high-speed, low-level sortie through the mountains and across the African Bush. It's an incredible adventure unlike any other.

"We're all about speed, speed and more speed!!! You can only experience the ultimate sensation of real speed when flying very low." - Supersonic Club Owner and Operator Neville Schmulian

MiG021 takes off from Eastgate

MiG-21 Supersonic Club Sample Itinerary

Saturday: Arrive Eastgate / Hoedspruit Airport. Take shuttle to Kapama Private Game Reserve or alternate lodging. Evening free to relax.

Sunday: Free day to recover from jet lag. Time to see the Big Five: Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Rhinos and Buffaloes.

Monday: Arrive at Hoedspruit Air Base. Meet your pilot. Fitted for flight suit, g-suit and helmet. Pre-flight safety briefing, cockpit familiarization and ejection seat training. Incredible Supersonic Flight. Post-flight briefing. Awarding of flight certificate and celebration.

Tuesday: Safari Day / Flight Back-up Day*

Wednesday: Safari Day / Flight Back-up Day*

Thursday: Depart for home or extend your adventure.

* IMPORTANT - It is mandatory to include at least two flight back-up days in your adventure schedule. In the event a flight must be cancelled due to weather or mechanical issues, there is no refund. Your flight will be rescheduled, so a flexible schedule is important.

Inverted flight in the MiG-21 UM Mongol B Russian fighter jet

MiG-21 Supersonic Club Sample Pricing

You'll receive complimentary photos and an edited DVD of your Supersonic Club Flight

Supersonic Flight Club Lifetime Membership

Single Supersonic MiG-21 flight

Six days (five nights) at the Kapama Private Game Reserve


Twice daily Game Drives

Estimated price: $10,000 US (Final price determined by travel dates, selected lodging, number of travelers and currency exchange rates.)

MiG-21 flights in South Africa

Air Force Base Hoedspruit

Air Force Base Hoedspruit is located adjacent to the world famous Kruger National Park in the eastern reaches of South Africa's Limpopo Province. In the late 1990's, an unused portion of the South African Air Force Base was converted into a civilian airport known as Eastgate Airport. The airport is situated within the Air Force Base and makes use of Air Force runways and control towers. Your MiG-21 flight will take off from the second longest runway in South Africa. Eastgate/Hoedspruit is about a 90 minute flight from Johannesburg and three-hour flight from Cape Town and is serviced by South African Airways Express.

Game Drive in Kapama Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Hotels & Safari

Kapama Private Game Reserve, with its portfolio of luxurious safari lodges, occupies a vast area between the northern Drakensberg mountains and the Greater Kruger National Park and is the largest single-owned game reserve in the region. The adjacent Eastgate airport (Hoedspruit) is perfectly situated to receive guests flying in from either Johannesburg or Capetown, and Kapama includes free transfers in open safari vehicles directly to any of our four lodges on Kapama.

South Africa's Limpopo province in which Kapama is situated is renowned for its wildlife and includes areas such as the well known Kruger National Park. Our reserve with its 13000 hectares of pristine wilderness shares a large number of biomes with the Kruger Park and therefore are able to host all animals including the Big 5: Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhinoceros, to name but a few of the approximately 42 different mammal species calling Kapama home. Approximately 350 bird species and a myriad of smaller species can also be seen in their natural environment. Game drives are conducted twice daily with expert guides and trackers who will eagerly share their bush experiences and knowledge with you whilst driving through some of the most beautiful savannah woodlands, grassland and riverine bush which makes up the Kapama Game Reserve.

Join the Supersonic Club!

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