“Take a flight in a MiG-25 and fly so high you’ll see aliens!”

Beware! Some people will say just about anything to take your money, and anyone with a little pocket change can post a website with some pretty pictures. Be careful. There’s only one of us and we’re a US company based in Florida.

Incredible Adventures, Inc. has been continuously arranging MiG flights in Moscow since 1993.

Read more of IA’s Public Service Announcement:

Recently, we’ve been alerted to several websites offering MiG flights at prices that seem just too good to be true. Some of them even say they sell “Incredible Adventures”.

We urge you to be very careful when choosing a company to fulfill your dream. Don’t believe everything you read. Do your homework, check references, ask questions and know who you’re dealing with…

One “company” is actually a college student at Moscow Aviation Institute.

Another claims their customer went Mach 3.2 in a MiG-25. The machmeter on the jet may go that high, but the fastest any test pilot has or will ever take a passenger is somewhere around Mach 2.3 to 2.5.

Another “company” is really a Russian dating service. They’re offering the chance to fly with a test pilot who died several years ago.

Questions you can ask to help verify a company is for real…

1.Do you take credit cards? If a company does not accept credit cards, there’s a chance they couldn’t prove financial stability to a bank.

2.Is the doctor at the airbase male or female? What is his or her name? If a business sends clients to fly in Russia on a regular basis, this is something they should know.

You can see our latest customers here. Flip through the photos….watch the weather change. See proof we really can deliver everything we promise and more.


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