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MiGs Over Moscow: What's It Like?

Recent Photos from Moscow
Testimonials & News Reports from Our First 13 Years

MIGS OVER MOSCOW" The flights were truly amazing, and your organization here was impeccable.I will be back again for sure. Moscow is quite a nice place to spend a few days. Good food and bars and plenty of interesting places to see. The pilots at the base were really good both with their skills, but also with their encouragement for me to try different flying maneuvers. The MiG 29 was obviously a highlight, but the flights in the L-39 were also very exciting as I had quite a bit of actual flying time. You are welcome to add my name/comments to your references. All the best, Gary Thomason (Shanghai) more photos

"I will not let a terrorist take my lifelong dream away from me. If we live in fear, if we neglect to carry on and live out our dreams, he wins." ~ David Lubin read more

"The flight experience, from the dress-up, briefing, and ejection training to the take-off, flight, and landing, was an adventure that will stay with me forever. It was more than I ever imagined! At the top-secret Zhukovsky Air Force Base, my wife Shannon apprehensively watched on the ground with her new friends Galina, Nick, and the ground crew, as I began to live out my lifelong dream." ~ David Lubin read the complete letter

Fly a MiG Over Moscow! The flight was excellent and I got some great video and still footage. I would like to thank IA from the bottom of my heart for making this 14-year dream possible for me." ~ Marcus Toivosen more great photos and info here - in Finnish
"Upon first reading of an essay contest where the grand prize was a ride in a MiG-29 jet fighter, I knew, absolutely knew, that I had it won...and I knew without a doubt that no other contestant had the same burning desire to fly one of those jets that I had." ~ Darrin Silver - read the complete story, recently published on
Greg prepares for flight in the L-39 "Wow, I can't wait to do this again!" ~ Greg Claxton - read about Greg's Moscow Adventure
Mike Saemisch who dared to love his dream to fly a MiG Over Moscow! "My vocabulary does not contain sufficient adjectives to describe the fun I had. I'll be back."  ~Mike Saemisch, Utah - read Mike's complete account

"Better than my best flying dream!!!"  ~ R. Alzetta, Singapore

"As an older guy (61) who had never been up in a combat fighter before, it was a terrific experience that pushed some of my personal boundaries ...So glad I opted for the aerobatic program!"  ~M. W. Oakes

"Since my first breath of life, these flights would rank as the most exciting moments of my life!"  ~S.A. Dillion, Illinois

"The most fun you can have with your clothes on."  ~A. Maldutis, London

"Can't put a price on a dream, but you can realize one!" ~O. Boudreaux, Missouri

"It was a life time experience never to be forgotten." ~C. J. Schnuelle, Nebraska

"Thirty minutes of pure exhilaration!" ~L. Van Campen, Connecticut

mig-29As a MiG flies over Moscow, a Man's Dream Takes Flight from The Princeton Packet (April 8, 2005) - Jim Rodney is about to achieve his longtime goal of flying the legendary MiG-29.
mig-29This Firm Offers Travelers the Right Stuff from The Toronto Star (January 18, 2003) - An interview with Paul Greenhalgh, who flew a MiG-29.
mig-29Fantasy Flight from the Decatur Daily News (April 13, 20001) - Couple experience new horizons on Russian trip.
mig-29For Busy Workers Time Off is Not Just for Family Affairs - by Sue Shellenbarger The Wall Street Journal(November 11, 1998) High-pressure executives relieve stress through Adventure Travel, such as MiGs Over Moscow.
mig-29Vacationers Walking on Air - Chad Schnuelle and Diana Turner in Moscow
mig-29Dreams For Sale - By William Triplett, portions of an article which was originally published in Air and Space Magazine. Mike Saemisch has added some great photos!
mig-29Inside the Red Zone - Another great article by William Triplett with more terrific photos by Mike Seamisch.
mig-29MiGs Over Moscow! The Robb Report - a great article called entitled Read this to get an idea of what is would be like to fulfill your dream and FLY THE LEGEND with Incredible Adventures. Written by Geza Szurovy and published in the August 1997 issue.
mig-29Flight to the Edge of Space - by Dave Hall, who flew to the EDGE OF SPACE in a MiG-25 in June of 2000
mig-29Mike's MiG Adventure - Written by Mike Saemisch, who dared to FLY THE LEGEND in Moscow in May of 1994
mig-29Katrina Mumaw- Katrina flew with IA in 1994 at a very young age. Read her story here. Check out Katrina's Web Site too!

Read about the early days of Incredible Adventures MiG Flights in Russia!
Our Man in a Mig - December 19, 1993
Our Man in a Mig by Peter Passell

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