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Russian Military Adventures

Click Here for Tank Driving & Shooting in Russia

Tanks - Small Arms Shooting
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Take a Ride Back in Time

Going to Russia? You won't want to miss the Tank Museum at Kubinka (known officially as the Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment) located about an hour's drive from Moscow. Open to the public since 1978, the Tank Museum has one of the largest collections of armored vehicles in the world. You'll see:

  • Nearly 300 vehicles from 11 different countries.

  • Everything from light tanks (3-5 tons) and armored cars to a super-heavy 180 ton beast.

  • 40 self-propelled guns from 57 to 600 caliber

  • 30 armored cars

  • 10 reconnaissance and command vehicles

  • Technical and engineer support vehicles

Recently restored by Russian Historical Society members, the vehicles can now be seen in their original glory with historically correct paint schemes.

By special arrangement, your tour will include:

  • Escort by an English-speaking guide - a retired Russian military officer and history expert.

  • After exploring the pavilions filled with incredible machines, you'll take a short ride to the tank testing grounds.

  • There you'll experience the view from inside two different vehicles, as you travel a 6 km track. 

Choose YOUR tank (your choice to ride in any two of the following):
Tanks: T-34, IS-2, IS-3, T-64, T-72, T-84
Armored Cars:  BTR-40,  BTR-80, BTR-152    

Note: You'll have the great seat next to the driver. Because driving a tank is nothing like driving a car lengthy training is required. We've arranged for highly knowledgable former military personnel to do the driving.

Your full day at the museum includes lunch and souvenir photos.

Small Arms Shooting

If you've read a Tom Clancy novel or watched a James Bond movie, you've probably heard of Kalashnikovs and Makarovs. They're just two of the legendary weapons you can actually fire in this incredibly fun military history lesson.

Travel to a special shooting range about an hour northwest of Moscow. By special arrangement you'll receive instruction in the safe operation of a variety of small arms from a former officer of the Russian military. You'll learn the history of each weapon as you test your skills on the gun range. 

Here are just a few of the weapons you'll learn to fire:

  • 5.45 mm Kalashnikov Short Assault Rifle (AKS-74U) Designed to be a cheap replacement for submachine guns

  • 7.62 mm Dragunov Sniper Rifle (SVD) Used in the Army is to extend the range of fire of infantry squads to up to 600 meters. It entered service in 1963 and was used in Afghan and Chechen wars.

  • 9 mm Makarov Hand Gun (PM) Designed as a self-defense hand gun for army officers and Soviet police. Adopted for use by the military and law agencies in 1951. It's an all-steel hand gun and is reliable and easy to use. Drawbacks are considered to be its low capacity and underpowered cartridge.

  • 9 mm Stechkin Automatic Hand Gun (APS) The Stechkin entered Soviet Army service in 1951 as a combat weapon for combat crews and second line troops. It's a favorite weapon of the Russian special law enforcement teams.

  • 9 mm Special Sniper Rifle (VSS) The VSS was designed for Special Operations. It was adopted by Russian Military and Special Law Reinforcement Units in 1987.

  • 9 mm Self-loading Hand Gun "Grach" This gun was developed under orders from the Russian Defense Ministry. It passed Russian Army trials in 2000. Some think it will replace the use of Makarovs by the Russian Army.

  • 9 mm Self-loading Hand Gun "Gurza" This gun was initially designed to meet Russian Army requirements for a high-capacity pistol with an effective range of not less than 50 meters. The Russian Army lost interest in the gun in the mid-1990's and it was adopted for use by the Federal Security Service (a part of the former KGB).

Your day at the range includes lunch and souvenir photos.

Monino Air Base, Russian Military aircraft

Monino Air Museum

This world-famous aviation museum features more than 170 Russian aircraft. See the world's largest helicopter and pieces of the historic U2 plane shot down over Russia.


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Russian Military Adventures

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