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Adventure News - March 2009
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Fly Down Low in Tahoe

Spend one, two or three The sub is an underwater airplanedays learning to fly the world's first "underwater airplane". Join us in South Lake Tahoe and learn to pilot the incredible SAS Super Aviator in one of the country's deepest lakes.

The SAS Flight Training Crew will be in Nevada April 27th - May 3rd, conducting sub pilot training near legendary Cave Rock. The launch site is about 45 miles from Reno Airport and close to many of the area's popular casinos.

Sub Aviator surfaces from Lake TahoePricing ranges from $2650 to $7650 and includes expert instruction, submersible flight time and souvenir photos. Enrollment is limited to just two students per day. To learn more about the SAS Super Aviator or the upcoming SAS Flight School, visit our website or call 800-644-7382.  

Denali Skydive Team Announced

We're excited to introduce you to the guys (and girl) who will help make sure the first-ever Skydive Over Mt McKinley goes off without a hitch.  Visit our website to read the bios and see the smiling faces of the elite Mt McKinley Jump Team.

Thank You Google Earth

Skydive over Mount McKinleyIf you haven't ever played around with Google Earth, we highly recommend it. We've been having great fun flying over Mt McKinley and learning all the various glaciers and peaks that surround North America's tallest peak.  The amazing software is being used by Kevin Holbrook of the Mt McKinley/Denali Jump Team to evaluate various flight paths and landing spots for June's history-making skydives. (Did we mention it's free?)

If you want to be part of skydiving history, contact us today.  Space is limited and the jump's June dates are rapidly approaching. Remember, no skydiving experience is necessary and the $25,000 price includes all training, use of equipment and luxury lodging in Alaska.

Take Shawn's Advice - Go To MAKS Then Fly a MiG
"Greg, I want you to know that attending both days of the MAKS airshow just prior to my MIG flights was the ultimate way to MAKS Airshow at Zhukovsky Air Baseheighten the anticipation of an unforgettable experience.
Having the MiG-31 explained to me as I sat in the cockpit of the very plane I was to fly in two days later was exhilarating.  Watching the MiG-29 do maneuvers that I would be doing two days later, was fantastic. There's no better way to prepare than to attend MAKS."    - Shawn
For those who missed last month's newsletter, MAKS is a huge international air show and exhibition that takes place every other year, at Zhukovsky Air Base, the former home of our MiGs over Russia adventure.  The dates of this year's flying exhibitions are August 22 and 23. Shawn had so much fun the first time that he'll be going to MAKS with Incredible Adventures again this year. 
Non-flying air show packages are available for $5250 and include five days, four nights at the historic Metropol Hotel, two days at the show, transfers, tours and more.  Choose to stay at a cheaper hotel and the price is $1000 less. 
Special Memorial Day Skydive in Memphis

Special Skydive in Memphis TNOur HALO jump team is heading to Memphis for Memorial Day Weekend Boogie at the West Tennessee Skydiving Center.  Make a high-altitude skydive with the team while they're in Memphis and pay just $2695.  (That's $800 less than our regular price to jump in Mississippi.)  We've got room for just three tandem jumpers, so hurry to call or you'll miss the plane. 


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Cheer Up Sheri  - Buy a Shark Dive

Sheri Lewis, shark diverShe's cage dived with tiger sharks, flown air combat, been taken hostage at Covert Ops, jumped out of an airplane and floated in zero-gravity. But it's not an adventure-gone-wrong that has IA's own thrillseeking Sheri Lewis hobbling up the office stairs on crutches. She hurt her knee playing Frisbee football.  She'll be going in for surgery soon.

The moral of the story? Don't play Frisbee. Book an adventure

(Our next Bahamas Tiger Shark Trip is June 20th and Great White Shark Season in San Francisco and Isla Guadalupe begins in September.)

Top Secret Fighter Jet Specials

Fly a fighter jet in Russia or South AfircaThanks to lower jet fuel prices, a stronger US dollar and some really great partners that understand times are a bit tough in the US right now, we're able to offer some really incredible prices on our jet flights in Russia and South Africa

Fly a fighter jetIf you'd like to fly a fighter jet, now is definitely the time to do it.  There's no telling how long our prices will be this low.

If you want to know our current prices, you have to call or email us and tell us the top secret passwords:

"I've heard it's a really good time to fly a fighter jet."

Computer Gremlins Gobble Emails

The timing couldn't have been worse. Shortly after we sent out last month's email newsletter, our email server crashed, leaving us unable to send or receive email until tech support found and fixed the problem. We have no way of knowing how many of your emails were lost. If you sent us an email recently and we didn't respond, please try again. Or,  give us a call at 800-644-7382.  Thanks!

We're a Lean, Mean, Adventure Delivering Machine 

Don't worry! Be adventurous! All this US recession stuff was going on last year too, and last year turned Incredible Adventures Staff Photoout to be our best year financially in our 16 year company history. We can understand your concerns, but you're perfectly safe booking an adventure with us next week, next month or six months from now.  We plan to be around making your dreams come true for a very long time.

Stuff Happens

There's a reason we preach the importance of a back-up day. Sometimes things happen that are completely beyond our control and make it impossible for us to deliver your adventure as planned. Most often, weather is to blame.  This week, we had to cancel a Hollywood Top Gun movie shoot at the last minute for a reason we never could have predicted.  President Obama changed his flight plans.  When the FAA issues an order to keep your plane on the ground because a VIP is passing through, we think it's a really good idea to obey.  You don't want to find yourself in a real-life dogfight.

Incredible Adventures

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Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.
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