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Adventure News - April 2009
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Don't Miss Your One Chance to Skydive Over America's Tallest Mountain 

Tandem Skydive in AlaskaWe're still "good to go" on June's history-making skydive over Alaska's Mt McKinley, despite our failure to get permission to land near the mountain.  It takes more than a National Park official with a love for saying "No!" to stop us from delivering an incredible adventure! In fact, thanks to Denali Park Superintendent Paul Anderson, our  Mt McKinley Skydive just got a whole lot more incredible.

Here's the scoop: A rule that's been on the books since the 1960's and was intended to keep squatters in parks from being supplied by parachute prohibits "conducting air delivery" into a National Park, unless it's an emergency, or you have a permit. Mt McKinley lies in the middle of  Denali National Park, so we applied for a permit from Superintendent Anderson to land somewhere near the mountain. 

He said No. Not just once, but three times. "You can go jump some other mountain", we were told. (We already have. Last year we jumped Mt Everest.) We were accused of trying to stage a stunt. (Was Sir Edmund Hillary's climb of Mt Everest just a stunt?)  Most recently, we were told that we "cannot get a permit for something that is prohibited without permit." 

What does this all mean?  Parachute Jump expedition in Alaska over Mt. MckKinleyIt means the first-ever Mt McKinley Skydive has now become a HAHO jump, a high-altitude cross country adventure over some of the most magnificent scenery in the country. The requirement to get out of the park before landing means jumpers may now spend more than 25 minutes under canopy, flying across mountains, canyons, glaciers and more before touching down just outside the National Park. More time in the air means more time to enjoy the view and capture amazing photos and video.

Tandem skydiving with special forces experts in AlaskaTime is running out to be one of the only people in the world to skydive over Mt McKinley and Denali National Park. The $25,000 cost includes training, use of equipment, the tandem jump itself and lodging. Remember, no skydiving experience is necessary. For more info, email or call 800-644-7382.

Fly a MiG Over Mojave

First came MiGs overFly a MiG-15 Russian fighter jet in California Moscow. Then MiGs over Nizhny.  Now, for the first time ever, we offer the chance to fly a legendary MiG right here in the US.  MiG Over Mojave is the newest Hollywood Top Gun Adventure. Make your own Hollywood Top Gunski movie with the superstar of the Korean War, the classic MiG-15.  The cost is $5250 and includes stunt pilot services, MiG-15 fight, edited movie and transfers from Los Angeles.  Add time in the L-39 and make it a Top Gunski double feature for $8250. Visit our website or email for more info.

Cage Dive with Tiger Sharks June 20th

Cage dive with Tiger SharksThere is only one Tiger Beach.  Located 20 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama Island, it's the premier spot for cage diving with really big tiger sharks, lemon sharks and reef sharks.  Join Sharky Jill June 20th for an incredible day of shark diving. No dive experience is necessary.  The cost to cage dive is $875 or view sharks topside for $375.  Grand Bahama is just a short flight or boat trip from Florida and a great place for a shark diving holiday.  For more info, contact us.


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Top Secret MiG-29 Flights Not Top Secret Anymore

Edge of Space MiG 29 FlightsWe now have official permission to tell you a secret we've been keeping for a very long time.  There is no MiG-31 at Sokol Airbase and hasn't been for awhile. 

For several months, we've been advertising edge of space flights in the MiG-31 and delivering them in the MiG-29.  Until recently, orders from the airbase prevented us from publicizing the jet change in our newsletter or on our website. We could only tell people who were ready to book a flight about the situation.

MiG 29 flights in RussiaHere's the good news we can now share worldwide. The MiG-29 is capable of flying almost as high, provides a much better view of the curvature of the earth and costs less than a MiG-31 flight. You also have the bonus of performing a few aerobatics before climbing 18 to 20 km high.

We're not sure if the MiG-29 edge of space flights will still be available when the MiG-31 returns to the flightline. If you want fly a MiG-29 to the edge of space, play it safe and contact Greg today.

See photos of our most recent MiG flyers here.

Specops Guys Do Good in Afghanistan

Some of our Specops instructors are now on a very special mission. They're working to help the people of Afghanistan through a charity organization called Afghan Care Today (ACT). The newly formed non-profit organization is comprised of Special Forces veterans who are using their skills and experience to raise contributions and fund humanitarian projects in rural Afghanistan at a time when other humanitarian organizations are pulling out due to violent attacks and abductions of aid workers.  For more information about this great new organization, visit

Covert Ops Guys Offer Two and Three Day Evasive Driving Courses

Evasive Driving Courses

The same great men who lead our Covert Ops Adventure offer three day evasive/convoy driving courses and five day courses that combine evasive driving with personal and executive protection training. The next program starts May 29th. The Safehouse three day program is $2100 and the five day program is $3100. Meals and lodging at our training facility near Tucson, Arizona are included in the price. For more information, contact us. 


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