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Adventure News - June 2010 - 2nd Edition

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Think You Can Survive?

Mykel Hawke leads Incredible Adventures Survival AdventuresJoin Mykel Hawke, author of "Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual" and star of Discovery Channel's "Man, Woman, Wild" for an incredible weekend learning to survive in the wilderness. Get dirty, get hungry, get tired and survive to tell about it!

Our newest Specops Survival Adventure is a mini-version of the US Army Special Forces Survival School Field Exercise and is designed for those with little or no field experience. You'll learn the basics of Survivors Must Bring Their Own Knife to Trainingsurvival, including how to find and prepare food and water, how to build a fire and how to construct a shelter. The program also includes a brief introduction to wilderness first aid and land navigation.

Participants are required to provide their own medium-size knife for use during training. (We recommend Hawke's Survivor Knife that you can order here, but any medium knife is fine.) Wannabe survivors are also required to read a survival guide before arriving for training. (We think you should buy and read Hawke's book, but another book is OK too.)

We're now taking reservations for training in San Diego, CA (August 13-15) and San Antonio, TX (September 24-26). Additional training sites and dates will be announced soon.  The cost is $1000 per person and covers the cost of training only. You'll  need to cover the cost of your hotel for Friday and Sunday night, airfare, ground transportation to the hotel, etc.

This program is so new, it hasn't made it to our website yet, but you can download a one-page informational flyer here. If you'd like to receive more detailed info, contact us by email or by phone at 800-644-7382.

Watch Hawke & Mrs. Hawke Survive

Mykel Hawke, Survival Expert for Specops and Incredible Adventures"Man, Woman, Wild" debuts on TV's Discovery Channel Friday, July 16th at 9 pm EST.  The show stars Mykel Hawke, head of our Specops Adventures and his journalist wife Ruth England. See a video preview of the show here.

Adventure in the Bahamas

Jillian Morris leads IA's Bahamas Shark DivesWe always brag about Greg "MacGyver" Barron, the head of our Farallones White Shark Expeditions and his ability to make or fix just about anything. Last week, Jillian Morris, Director of our Bahamas Shark Dives, proved she's pretty incredible at fixing things too.

When Jillian arrived on Grand Bahama Island to begin preparations for our June 26th Tiger Shark Adventure, she discovered that someone had "borrowed" Dive with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamasour hookah air supply system and returned it to its storage spot missing a very critical piece.  Efforts to get the missing part shipped to the Bahamas in time for the shark trip failed, but that didn't stop the trip.  Jillian managed to create an air system using dive tanks rented from our good friends at Unexso, parts from her personal dive gear and a whole lot of duct tape and zip ties.'re incredibly proud and lucky to have a great Adventure Team of people prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver your incredible adventure.

In case you're curious, they saw three very big sharks on Saturday's trip!  Our next Bahamas Shark Dive is scheduled for Saturday, August 7th. Contact us for complete details.

We Got Hacked by Bad Hackers

Last week, the Incredible Adventures website server was hacked. Someone disabled our back-up system and set about putting nasty stuff on our server. Thankfully, our incredible web hosting company Irides, caught the attack before any major damage was done. Brad and his incredible team literally worked all night long to undo the damage that had been done, and get us up and running again.

Unfortunately, to fix everything, Brad had to take down our websites and block our access to company email for several hours. We don't THINK we missed any of your messages, but there is a teeny tiny chance we did. If you're waiting for an answer from us that hasn't come, please pick up the phone and call us or email us again.

If you're looking for a company to provide you with great dedicated web hosting and incredible customer service, contact Irides

TV Crew Films Firefighter Adventure

The Star of an Egyptian TV Show Completes IA's Firefighter AdventureRamez Galal, one of the Middle East's biggest stars, completed a custom Firefighter Adventure with Incredible Adventures earlier this month. His adventure will be featured on his show "Ramez in the USA", a sequel to 2009's "Ramez Around the World" which attracted more than 30 million viewers. 

Learn to Put Out FiresIf you'd like to learn what it's like to be a Firefighter in Florida, fighting fires in summer's 90+ degree heat, give us a call. You can find more info about our new Firefighter Adventure on our website.

He's Going Back for the 15th Time

"Haven't I signed my life away to you enough over the years?" That was the comment Andrew jokingly emailed to Greg when reminded he needed to submit his signed release form before Fly a Fighter Jet in Russia with Incredible Adventureshis July flights.

Andrew is returning to Moscow to fly fighter jets with Incredible Adventures for the 15th time. That's right....his 15th time.  (He's also flown jets in Cape Town.) We warn people that flying fighter jets is addictive!

If you'd like to see for yourself why Andrew loves flying fighters so much, contact MiGMan Greg Claxton.

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