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Adventure News - July 2010 - 1st Edition

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He's Now the Aussie Iceman

Fly a Fighter Jet with Incredible AdventuresWe love the emails, calls and photos we get from the people we send off on adventures.  Here's a bit of what Pete from Australia sent us:

"Thanks for a great flight, I absolutely loved it!  I've attached a couple of my favorite photos.  When I got back to work, the fellas had put a poster up that said 'Welcome Home Aussie Iceman'.  I've Fly a Fighter Jet with Incredible Adventuresgot all my photos up on the wall at work already. Everyone's asking what I'll do next..."

His wife Tina sent us an email too. "Still can't wipe the smile off Pete's face, he loved the flight!"

If you'd like to fly a fighter jet, in Russia, the US or Europe, give us a call or send us an email.  We'll have you smiling too!

Whale Adventure Featured in National Magazine

Swim with Whales on the Silver BankYou can snorkel and swim with humpback whales along the Dominican Republic's famous Silver Bank.  Our incredible whale adventure was featured in the May/June issue of the magazine "Flying Adventures".

We're now taking reservations for February 2011.  For details, contact us.

Spy Adventures

Go Undercover with Incredible AdventuresWant to know what it was like to be a Russian spy, exchanging coded messages and living a secret life? Join us for a fantasy spy adventure! 

We offered our very first Covert Ops adventure in 1998 and now offer a variety of one, two and three-day spy-themed programs. Our newest spy adventure is designed for groups of six or more and based in California.

"Operation Ledger Main" sends you off in search of "The Ghost".  The Ghost holds a highly sensitive document containing the identities of Covert Agents operating throughout the world. Should the list fall into the wrong hands, lives will be in danger. You must find The Ghost and secure the any means necessary.  The security of the free world depends on you!

We supply the training. You supply the Bond girl.   Send us a top secret email to learn more.

We've Got Space Again

Go Weightless Over Florida with Incredible AdventuresFor a short time, zero-gravity adventures in Russia were unavailable, while the Russian government did some "re-organization" of their air and space facilities. We're happy to report that zero-gravity adventures aboard the IL-76 MDK are available again. Contact Greg for details.

If Russia is not in your travel plans, you can enjoy a taste of weightlessness aboard a private zero-gravity flight in Florida.  The cost for just the flight is $2500.


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"I'm Glad They're On Our Side"

Specops Instructor SamOur very incredible webmaster Nancy has just finished updating the Specops section of our website.  Log on to see fun video clips, download a brochure and read all about our Specops training team. (The stuff that's not classified, anyway.)

Take a look at some of the instructor bios and you'll understand why Nancy told us she's really, really glad the Specops guys are on our side!

Specops Instructor TripThey're trained interrogators and specialists in things like "advanced urban combat" and "mountain warfare". They're expert marksmen, martial artists, medics and more.

Perhaps the most important thing for you to know is that they are standing by, ready to create a custom Specops military adventure just for you. You might say we're a company with our own personal army. (And Air Force too!)

Survive a Weekend with Hawke

Join Mykel Hawke, author of "Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual" and star of Discovery Channel's new Friday night survival show "Man, Woman, Wild" for an intense hands-on course in living.

Mykel Hawke of SpecopsLet Hawke teach you the basics of staying alive in the wilderness, including how to find and prepare food, make a shelter and build a fire. The adventure with Hawke is modeled after the US Army's Special Forces Survival Exercise and includes an  introduction to land navigation and wilderness medicine.

Adventures begin with six or so hours of intense classroom training conducted at a hotel on Friday night. Early Saturday morning, you'll travel with Hawke and another instructor to a remote training site. You return to civilization Sunday evening. Assuming you survive, that is.

No prior experience eating worms or making a home out of tree branches is required.  This course is designed for amateurs looking for adventure. The cost is $1000 per person, plus travel and hotel costs.

The first survival weekend is set for August 13-15 in San Diego. You can find a listing of other dates and cities on our website.

Think you can survive? Call us at 800-644-7382.

Need a Bodyguard?

We're an adventure company, but we're not just an adventure company. We don't like the word "concierge", but if you have a special need for something or someone, ask us...we might be able to help.

Our Tactical Ops guys are experts in the field of Executive Protection and can fulfill any security needs you may have. Our Specops team are expert medics, great for providing support to traveling film crews and such. We know amazing divers, skydivers and pilots and can provide access to planes, boats...even a submarine.

Incredible Adventures

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