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Adventure News - July 2010 - 2nd Edition

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Shark Week Kicks Off August 1 with "Ultimate Air Jaws"

Week Begins August 1, 2010Television's Discovery Channel kicks off its annual week of shark programming with "Ultimate Air Jaws", a program featuring our very own Chris Fallows. Chris is the renowned shark photographer and conservationist who leads IA's shark adventures in False Bay, South Africa.  Many know him as the man behind the popular shark shows "Air Jaws" and "Air Jaws 2" or as the author of  "Great White: The Majesty of Sharks".

If you'd like to arrange a shark adventure with Chris in South Africa, or our team in San Francisco or Isla Guadalupe, let us know.

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Shark Week

Incredible Adventures Shark DivesIf you'd like to dive with great white sharks in San Francisco this year, it's best you call us soon. "Shark Week" always sets off a shark dive buying frenzy and several of our weekend dates are already sold out.  

It's hard to hate a week of TV shows that helps us make sales, but we can't love "Shark Week" either. Many of the shows wrongly make sharks out to be evil killing machines. For an interesting commentary on "Shark Week" and nature television shows in general, read this Huffington Post article.

Jump A Mountain - Skydive Everest

Skydive Everest with Incredible AdventuresJoin Wendy Smith and the rest of the incredible Everest Skydive team in Nepal this October for an unforgettable leap in front of the tallest mountain in the world.  Jump from an altitude higher than Everest and land on one of the highest drop zones on the planet. No skydiving experience is required!

The cost of the Everest Skydive Adventure varies according to currency exchange rates but is approximately $32,500 for a multi-day adventure that includes pre-jump training, a high-altitude tandem jump, guided hikes, lodging, meals and more. Email us to learn more.

Let Hawke Teach You to Survive

Training with Mykel HawkeIf you've tuned in to watch the new Discovery Channel series "Man, Woman, Wild", you've seen Green Beret Mykel Hawke share tips for surviving in the wild. Week one in the Amazon showed Hawke and his wife making a shelter and cooking boa constrictor for dinner.  Week two showed them in Botswana, boiling water in their disabled Jeep's radiator pan and  feasting on wildebeest and crocodile.

You can complete an introductory survival course with Hawke in select cities across the US and Canada. The very first survival mission with Hawke is set for August 13-15 in San Diego, California.  Longer, more intense training programs are also planned in Mexico, Panama, Columbia and Equador.  For more information, visit our website or contact us at 800-644-7382.

Go Hollywood in a Fighter Jet

Fly a MiG-15 with Incredible AdventuresThink you can act like a real fighter pilot? It's not easy. Real fighter pilots don't scream or give up their breakfast when their jet performs a roll, loop or low-level maneuver.

Schedule a film shoot with our Hollywood Top Gun team and see for yourself if you've got the right stuff.  We provide the movie cameras and line up your co-star, an ace Hollywood stunt pilot. We also provide you with a flight suit and helmet to wear during your flight. (In Hollywood, it's called "wardrobe".)

Fly the L-39 Albatross for a short movie, or make a longer movie by adding the M-26 Airwolf and MiG-15.  Contact IA for more information.


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IA's Tactical Ops Adventure Featured on Today Show

Today Show features Tactical Ops AdventureEarlier this month, "Today Show" weekend anchor Lester Holt joined our friends at Tri-Core International for a custom one-day covert operation in California. You can see video of Lester's Tactical Ops Adventure here.

Operation Fairfield

Tactical Ops with Incredible AdventuresMake plans to join Incredible Adventures and Tri-Core International for a one-day spy adventure of your own. Our next undercover mission is set for Saturday, September 18th in California and is modeled after a  training mission given to actual undercover agents.

Here's the intel:  Someone known only as "The Ghost" has stolen a document containing the names of covert operatives around the world. If Tactical 
Ops with Incredible Adventures and Tri-Core Internationalthis list falls into the wrong hands, people could die. It's up to you to find "The Ghost" and retrieve the list, using whatever means necessary.

The fun takes place an hour from San Francisco and Sacramento in the town of Fairfield and makes use of Tri-Core's 160 acre military training facility.  The cost is $1550 per person and includes expert training, a uniform to keep and use of weapons.  This custom adventure is designed for no more than six operatives, so if you'd like to join the mission, contact us soon.

Special Discount for Incredible People Only

Mykel Hawke models a Ribz pack.It's hard to see from this photo, but Green Beret and Specops Survival Expert Mykel Hawke is seen here wearing a unique frontpack. Unlike more traditional backpacks, RIBZ frontpacks allow you to carry essential items up front, where they can be easily reached. They can be worn alone, or in combination with a backpack and are great for carrying survival gear, hiking, biking, snowboarding and more.

The packs normally sell for $65 each + $10 shipping, but for a limited time only you can get one for only $45 and shipping is free. This is a top secret deal open only to our newsletter readers.

You can read more about RIBZ Wear here, but if you want the special deal you must click on this top secret link. If you decide you'd like one of these great packs, or want to give one to a friend, you must order off of this webpage to save $20 and receive free shipping

Don't forget to watch Hawke and his wife Ruth in "Man, Woman, Wild", a great survival training show airing Friday nights on the Discovery Channel.

One of Our Favorite Emails is from Someone Who Doesn't Like Us

We know we should take every email we receive about our adventures seriously, but we can't help but laugh at this one, commenting on our shark adventures:

"So this website is ever so scary and I would never, ever go to this place even if I was given a life time supply of chocolate.  This website gave me nightmares beyond belief and I do not understand how you can get a reasonable income from this so called "business". Your business consists of scaring the life out of people for pleasure and money and I think it is an absurd and disgraceful thing. - Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely, Maria C."

If you want us to scare you, let us know. Apparently it's what we do best :)

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