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Adventure News - September 2010 - Second Edition

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We Knew Her When...

When we first met Amy Sorlie, she was reporting on IA's white shark adventures in San Francisco for Men's Journal Magazine and American Way, the inflight publication of American Airlines. Now, we know Amy as the screenwriter behind "Dark Tide", a movie due out next summer, starring Halle Berry.

Halle Berry films shark movie in Cape Town."Dark Tide" tells the story of a diving instructor and white shark naturalist who returns to the water after a near-fatal encounter with a Great White shark. (Hopefully the movie won't portray sharks as evil killing machines.)

Here's what Amy had to say when we checked in with her earlier this month:

"Great timing! I just got back from the set and the movie is going to be amazing! Halle is lovely and did a great job with all the diving, etc. This has been an amazing experience to see it all come together! I will send you release date information when it gets closer!"

If you'd like to cage dive with white sharks, there's still time. Call or email for available dates.

Go Weightless in Russia

Zero Gravity flights in RussiaThere's no comparison. Zero-gravity flights in the US are great fun, but they are nothing like a zero-gravity adventure in Russia. In Russia, you experience weightlessness aboard the very same plane used to train Russian cosmonauts and sometimes American astronauts for space travel. The IL-76 MDK is huge, giving you an incredible amount of space in which to float, fly and somersault through the air. The downside, if there is one, is that a zero-g flight in Russia is as close to the real deal as it gets. The flight isn't "watered down" to accommodate for "civilian stomachs". A Russian zero-g flight is a true test of whether or not you have the right stuff.

Because the plane is used to train REAL Russian cosmonauts and sometimes American astronauts, flight availability is limited. The only available flight this year is set for December 15th. Space is limited to a maximum of 15 individuals and the cost is approximately $9000, for a program that includes training, lodging, meals, tours and more.

Or Go Weightless in Florida

Zero-gravity flights are available in Florida with Incredible AdventuresIn Florida, we offer personal zero-g flights for the bargain price of $2500 per person. Because you're the only floater, the flight is customized to your comfort level. Scheduling is easy. Flights are available six days a week, all year long. 

Colin Flies to Raise Cancer Awareness

Colin McCallum flies a MiG-29 to the edge of space with Incredible AdventuresEarlier this month, Colin McCallum flew a MiG-29 to the edge of space, fulfilling a dream he hoped to share with his partner Pauline. Sadly, she died of cancer before they could make the trip to Russia together.  See their story, as it was reported on Australian TV. (You might want to have a tissue ready.) More photos from Colin's day at the base can be found on our website.

A Cheer from Holly

We've got adventures, yes we do. We've got adventures, where are you?

Fly a jet or dive with sharks. We're better than an amusement park.

Incredible Adventures is number one. Give us a call if you need some fun.

(This cheer is brought to you by Holly, IA's incredible high school intern. When she's not cheering for Incredible Adventures, she's cheering Sarasota's Riverview Rams on to victory.)


Cape Town Jets No Longer Flying

English Electric Lightning in Cape TownSad news out of South Africa.  Mike Beachy Head, Founder and CEO of Thunder City, has made the tough decision to end all adventure flights over Cape Town in the English Electric Lightning, BAE Buccaneer and Hawker Hunter, effective immediately. 

You can read the official press release on our website.

We first met Mike back in 1998 when he invited us to Cape Town to see the facility he was building to house the world's largest privately owned collection of The Buccaneer in Cape Townex-combat jets. At that time, the Lightnings were still in pieces, so Greg Claxton was treated to a low-level flight in the Bucc he'll never forget. Officially established in 2000, Thunder City's fleet grew to include 3 Lightnings, 3 Buccaneers and 7 Hawkers. We'll forever admire the care that went into perfectly restoring each of the aircraft.

You can view photos of some of the SLB's lucky enough to experience a Cape Town Jet adventure on our website. (Mike jokingly referred to IA clients as SLB's...short for Self Loading Baggage.)

Let this serve as a gentle warning. Don't put off a dream adventure. There's no guarantee an adventure will be available forever.

You Don't Have to Dive
to Chase Sardines

Sardine Run South Africa with Incredible Adventures and SEAL ExpeditionsYou no longer have to be an advanced diver to join South Africa's legendary Sardine Run. Beginning in 2011, snorkelers will also be welcome to join the annual sea life migration.

The multi-day ocean adventure begins and ends in Durban, South Africa and retails for $3995 per person. We're now taking reservations for June and July 2011 dates.

When it comes to describing the excitement of the Sardine Run, a video is worth a million words.  View videos, see photos and learn more on our website or call Sheri at 800-644-7382 for complete details.

Hawke & Ruth Will Be Back

Mykel & Ruth Hawke from Discovery's "Man, Woman, Wild"Thanks for helping make "Man, Woman, Wild" one of Discovery television's most watched shows. Discovery has renewed the show, starring our very own Mykel Hawke and his wife Ruth, for another season.

If you'd like to schedule private or group survival training with Hawke or another great Specops instructor, let us know. Email us today for details.

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