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Adventure News - November 2010 - Thanksgiving Edition

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Top 10 Things We're Thankful For

Fly a MiG Over RussiaMiG Flights in Russia - MiGs are what started it all. Our original owner was in Moscow in 1993 and was offered a flight in a MiG-29. He accepted, experienced love at first flight, and returned to Sarasota to found MIGS etc. We became Incredible Adventures in 1996.

* Our Adventure Team - Our adventures are led by amazing people. We are thankful to know some of the world's best pilots, divers, explorers, skydivers and military trained specialists.

* Our Incredible Webmaster - We are lucky to have an incredible webmaster named Nancy. She puts her heart and soul into making sure adventure lovers like you can find our information.

* Our Tiny Florida Office - IA's main office is in Sarasota, Florida.We don't like our icky purple carpet, but we love our tiny view of the Gulf of the Mexico and the nearly 365 days of sunshine outside.

* A Sense of Humor - You need a sense of humor to work in the adventure business!

* Dive with Great White SharksGreat White Sharks - We're thankful there are still great white sharks in the world and that we're able to offer the rare opportunity to view one in the wild.

* New Adventures - We're happy for the chance to introduce you to new adventures.  Want to drive a dirt bike or run a bulldozer?

* New Technology - Seventeen years ago, our telephone bill was over $3000 a month because of the cost to call Russia. Now, we call our office for free, via Skype.  We love the new ways we can communicate with our clients.  Skype us. IM us. Email Us. Call Us.

* The Invisible Man - We're thankful for a certain guy in Boston, who is always available to offer us business advice when we need it.

* We're Thankful for People Like You! Thanks for reading our news, buying our adventures and believing that "Life Should be an Incredible Adventure or Nothing at All".

Dirt Bike Adventures in California

Drive a Dirt Bike at Rich Oliver's Mystery Camp.Get off the road and onto the dirt. A friend of ours gives rave reviews to Rich Oliver's Dirt Bike School near Fresno, California. Brand new riders can complete a one-day MSF Course (Motorcyle Safety Foundation) then join a two-day fun camp. Lead instructor Rich Oliver spent 27 years as a professional motorcycle racer and is a five time AMA 250 Grand Prix Champion. (AMA = American Motorcycle Association.)

A complete three day program, including bike and gear rental, is $875. Experienced riders can skip day one and pay $650. This adventure hasn't made it to our website yet, so if you'd like more information, you'll need to call or email us.

Rich has posted a ton of videos to YouTube, including this video that shows you his impressive facility and gear trailer.

Ride the Trails in Canada

IA newsletter reader Steve Weykamp operates a Dirt Bike and ATV School an hour east of Toronto, Canada.  Thanks to a special permit, Steve can lead offroad adventures through Canada's 11,000 acre Ganaraska Forest.  Prime tour season is May through October and gift certificates are available. A two-day program is less than $600. If you'd like more information, send us an email and we'll put you in touch with Steve.

You Can Like Us If You'd Like

Incredible Adventures is on FacebookWe're on Facebook. You don't have to like us, but it would be nice if you did. Our Facebook fans are the first to see new adventure photos and videos and learn about new adventures.




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Hard Hat Provided

Drive a Bulldozer with Incredible AdventuresFor $850, we'll put you to work. The job isn't real, but the training is!

Clock in and spend the day on our 21 acre construction site, learning to operate three mega-ton earth moving machines.  Let a heavy equipment pro teach you what it takes to operate a CAT 315 Excavator, a CAT 257B Skid Steer Loader and a CAT D3 Bulldozer.

This unique off-road Drive Heavy Equipment in Sarasota, Floridaadventure is located just 30 minutes from our Sarasota, Florida office, and less than an hour from Tampa Airport. The job site is designed to put your digging and driving skills to the test.

Individual and custom group Hard Hat Adventures are available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, all year long.  You must be 18 to drive. For more information, contact us or call 800-644-7382.

Zero G Used to Promote Movie

Inception features
a scene in zero-gravity.The science fiction movie Inception stars Leonardo DiCaprio and includes a fight scene in zero-gravity. To help promote the movie's December 7th release on DVD, a UK promotion company sent three UK journalists weightless over Florida in the Aurora Aerospace Rockwell Commander.

If you're looking for an incredible holiday gift for someone you love, consider a zero-gravity adventure. Zero-Gravity in Florida with Incredible AdventuresPrivate weightless flights are $2500 and depart from St Petersburg  Clearwater International Airport, near Tampa, Florida. You could wrap a gift certificate for a weightless flight with a DVD of the movie Inception :)

 We Offer Dangerously Fun Stuff

Adventures is in a new book.Our incredible adventures are prominently featured in a new book from Paladin Press.  Even More Dangerously Fun Stuff For Boys Who Never Really Grew Up is a compilation of articles by experts in a variety of "manly" fields. Chapters include "How to Pick a Lock with a Safety Pin and a Screwdriver", "Evading Tracker Dogs" and "The Case for Drinking on an Empty Stomach".  We're the stars of two chapters covering "Tactical Tourism".

The book is a sequel to Dangerously Fun Stuff for Boys Who Never Really Grew Up.  The original volume includes chapters by A.G. Hawke on "Guerrilla Fishin'" and "How to Skin Any and Everything". A.G. Hawke is very closely related to our very own Mykel Hawke, survival training expert and really cool guy ;) 

You can find both books on Amazon.

Holiday Hours

Happy Thanksgiving from Incredible AdventuresOur Florida office will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, November 24-26. Most of us will be back at our desks Monday morning, November 29th. Not Greg though. Greg will be on a plane headed to Croatia. He's scheduled to talk about our XCOR Lynx Rocketship Tours at a special media event.

If you have an urgent need for adventure, leave us a message or send us an email. We'll be checking our messages from the beach :)

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