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Adventure News - December 2010 - Ho Ho Ho

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Happy Holidays from Incredible Adventures

Before leaving on holiday break, our high school intern Holly created this fun video greeting card for you.  (She baked us a big batch of yummy Christmas cookies.)

Click here to view the card and see some of the faces behind Incredible Adventures.

(In case you're curious, Holly was born in December, but claims she was named after a family friend and not the holiday plant.)

We'll Come Watch You if You Want

Drive a Bulldozer with Incredible Adventures and People at PlayOne of our newest driving adventures takes place just a short ride from our Sarasota office. Incredible Adventures is teaming up with Florida company "People At Play" to offer full-day and custom "Hard Hat Adventures" for individuals and groups.

Here's the dirt. You can spend a day or more on a 200+ acre job site, learning what it's like to drive a bulldozer, an excavator and skid steer loader. You'll never think of playing in the dirt the same way again. Our friends Jason and Alisa Bennett have designed an obstacle-filled driving course that will put your driving skills to the test and have you laughing for sure.

A Hard Hat Adventure makes a great holiday gift for big boys and girls.  The $850 price includes taxes and a souvenir hard hat.  Buy a gift certificate and for a small shipping fee, we can get you the hard hat in advance, so you have something to wrap and place under the tree.

Drive an ExcavatorWe specialize in custom programs for small  groups. You may have golfed, but have you ever played golf with an excavator?  How are you at backhoe basketball?  Give your employees a day they'll never forget...a day spent driving a bulldozer and posing for photos in very special portable potties.  Add on a VIP appearance by Carmen Ciricillo, "The Construction Comic". For a price, we might even let you crush stuff!

For more info, visit the Incredible Adventures website or contact us. (If you need another reason to book a Hard Hat Adventure soon, remember that this adventure is based just minutes from one of the country's best beaches.)

Like to watch video? Check out the Skid Steer Obstacle Course on YouTube.

Space is Big in Croatia

Greg promotes XCOR flights in Croatia.IA's Greg Claxton just returned from a week in Croatia, where he was the guest of companies Generali and Unex Group. Generali Insurance purchased a future XCOR high-altitude rocketship tour from Incredible Adventures and will award the incredible space prize to one of its insurance customers in an upcoming contest drawing.  Greg was in Croatia to describe XCOR's Lynx rocketship adventure to potential flight winners and local media.

Fly the Lynx for $95,000He attended multiple media events designed to get people excited about space tourism. In the photo above, Greg and the head of Generali Insurance pose with the "space girls". 

If you'd like more information on XCOR's high-altitude flights, give us a call. Space plane developers are making incredible progress and flights could be launching from Mojave Spaceport in a relatively short time.  The cost of the flight and all necessary training is $95,000.

Join Us in the Bahamas and You Might Meet Emma

Dive with Tiger Sharks in the BahamasFrequent shark divers come to recognize sharks and identify them by name. This is Emma, who makes her home at Tiger Beach.  You might meet Emma and several other tiger sharks, lemon and reef sharks if you join us for a one-day cage diving adventure at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

Dive Tiger Beach with Incredible AdventuresOur next dive adventure is set for Saturday, February 26th.  The cost is $875 to get into the cage with dive instructor Jillian Morris or $375 to view sharks from the deck only. No dive experience is required. We use a hookah air system and our cage floats just at the surface. Our shark boat departs from Old Bahama Bay Marina on the West End of Grand Bahama Island. (Freeport is the closest airport.)

If you'd like to dive with tiger sharks, call or email Sheri.

(Special thanks to Duncan Brake from Oceanic Allstars for the use of these great copyrighted photos!)

We're Still on Facebook

Incredible Adventures is on FacebookYou can like us on Facebook, or not. You'll get no pressure from us.




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A Big Thank You from Japan
Shinya flew a MiG with Incredible AdventuresDear Greg,
I had best experience on the coattails of you in my life.
The Russian staff was the best, too!
When it was good to have chosen INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES very, I am moved!!
The airplane that MiG-29UB flew so far was the airplane of the other dimension!!
I looked at the deep blue.
And it was best acrobat!
A movie and a photograph look forward to arriving!!

I edit it cool!

Something of me turned Shinya flew a MiG with Incredible Adventuresinto the good direction! !
It is unbelievable that one's photograph appears in the page of INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES! ! I am glad!
I will recommend your company to a friend.
Anyway, only the words of thanks are given!
Thank you very much! "ARIGATOU!"
Shinya, nickname "Hachan"
If you'd like to fly a MiG like Shinya did, contact Greg.

Absolutely Incredible Everest Skydive Video

It's long...a full 20 minutes...but the newest Everest Skydive video is so incredible,Klaus skydived Everest with Incredible Adventures you'll want to watch every single second.

Our other Everest Skydive videos highlight the jump itself. This short documentary  shot by Alex Behse and Dr Ryan Jackson profiles the entire Everest Skydive Adventure, start to finish.

Through the video, you'll get to know Wendy Smith, Tom Noonan and the rest of the Everest Skydive team.  You'll gain a sense of what it's like to trek and tour Nepal. Most of all, you'll come to appreciate the tremendous amount of planning that goes into delivering this once-in-a-lifetime skydiving adventure.

Klaus has skydived Mt Everest.We're officially warning you. Watch the video and you'll want to join the 2011 Everest Skydive Adventure, set for October.  The price fluctuates slightly with currency exchange rates, but is currently just under $32,000 for tandem skydivers. Remember, no prior skydiving experience is required to make a leap with a view of the world's tallest mountain.

You can find the video here. To join us in Nepal next October, email or call 800-644-7382 or 941-346-2603.

Hmm...We Think We Know Where They Went to School

These friends flew high in a MiG-29 over Russia. Something tells us this photo is going to end up in a school alumni magazine someday soon.

Friends fly MiG with Incredible Adventures

Holiday Hours

Our Florida office will be closing early on Thursday, December 23 and not re-opening until Monday, January 3.

Don't let our annual vacations stop you from planning your next incredible adventure. We'll be checking our voice mail and email messages from home...right after we get back from the beach :)

In Russia, our staff will be off for the holidays from December 31 through January 10.

Happy Holidays from Incredible Adventures

 When You Just Can't Decide, Make Something Up

Happy Holidays from Incredible Adventures

We sell gift certificates for each of our adventures. We also sell "dollar amount" certificates, that can be applied to any of our adventures.

There's also another option that we don't sell. It's called the "Fake Gift Certificate".  If you're really having trouble picking an adventure for someone else, we suggest you make your own gift certificate, or Adventure I.O.U. You can let the recipient choose between a selection of adventures that fit your budget. Then, after the holidays, you can call to tell us his or her choice and make payment and scheduling arrangements. 

Incredible Adventures

800-644-7382 / 941-346-2603

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