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Adventure News - January 2011 - First Edition

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We're Learning All We Can

Join Incredible Adventures Greg Barron leads IA shark dives in San Francisco.for a great white shark adventure in San Francisco and you may spot Director of West Coast Shark Operations Greg Barron doing a lot of scribbling in a notebook.  Greg has been collecting detailed trip data since 2006, with hope his observations may lead to a greater understanding of white sharks.

Some of his observations are a tad more graphic than we care to read, like this October 2009 log entry:

9:20 am - Predation at starboard stern. Shark hit seal subsurface, seal hit surface and had been laid open. Intestines trailing. Shark surfaced and thrashed. Large blood stain at surface. Seal swam/drifted into shallow water SW of Point. Probably made it to beach. As I watched it drift in, did not see shark come back after initial strike. Predation 2 min or less.

According to Ralph Collier, head of the non-profit Shark Research Committee, he's learned more about sharks from the stories told to him by fishermen and other observers, than he has from any book.

Dive with Great White SharksJoin Incredible Adventures for a day at the Farallones and you'll be another valuable set of eyes observing shark, seal and seabird activity at the islands.

This year's shark season begins Saturday, September 24th and continues on select dates through mid-November. Cage dives remain $875 and topside viewing is $375.  For complete details, visit our website or contact us by phone or email.

A Lemon of a Day

On January 15th, a father and son experienced a day they'll not soon forget. On a private Bahamas Shark Adventure led by our favorite shark girl, Jillian Morris, they got to meet more than 15 lemon sharks and one very large tiger shark.

Dive with Incredible Adventures and Tiger SharksDive with Tiger Sharks
Dive with Lemon SharksDive with Tigers and Lemons at Tiger Beach

The two stayed at Old Bahama Bay Resort, on Grand Bahama Island's West End. While you aren't required to stay at the resort when you join IA for a tiger shark dive, we highly recommend it. It's a beautiful place and our shark dives depart from the Old Bahama Bay Marina. Plus, resort manager Nathan Moody is a great guy. He's helped out tremendously with our Bahamas shark adventures and we know he goes out of his way to make a guest's stay on Grand Bahama wonderful.

Our next Bahamas Shark Dive Adventure at Tiger Beach is set for Saturday, February 26th. The cost to cage dive is $875 and topsiders pay $375. For more information, contact us.

Shinya: MiG Flyer and Video Producer

Shinya flew a MiG-29 with Incredible AdventuresYou may remember Shinya from a previous newsletter. He's the taxi driver from Japan who flew a MiG-29 to the edge of space in December.

You've already seen his photos. Now, you can see his video. He's posted great footage from his day as a MiG pilot on YouTube.  Click here to view great flight footage, then pick up the phone and call Greg to schedule your own Russian flying adventure. (Please.)

MAKS is Back This August

Fly a MiG and attend an air show.It's another MAKS air show year!  Every other year, a huge international air show takes place outside Moscow at Zhukovsky Air Base, the former home of our MiG flying adventures in Russia.  This year, the incredible aviation event is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

Greg is putting together some great airshow packages for those who want to catch a day or two of the MAKS excitement before taking off for the edge of space in a MiG. The biggest days of the week-long show are August 20th and 21st. Contact him for details.

We're Making More Friends Every Day

Incredible Adventures is on FacebookFollow us on Facebook and we promise you won't read posts about what we had for lunch or the great weather outside our Sarasota office. We limit our posts to just really good adventure news, dished out as it happens.  Everyone on Facebook has at least one friend who shares way too much and way too often. We don't want to be that friend :)


IA Friend Writes Book on Mars

Life and Death on Mars BookSpace fans may want to pre-order a copy of "Life and Death on Mars: The New Mars Synthesis", a book by IA friend Dr. John Brandenburg, PhD. The author is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' Space Colonization Committee. (So is IA President Jane Reifert, believe it or not! She's not embarrassed to admit that she occasionally has to ask fellow committee members to translate "rocket scientist talk" into English for her.)

At the same committee meeting where John previewed the book, plans were made for Jane to co-chair a Space Tourism / Space Commercialization Session at a major space conference in California later this year.

All this space talk is supposed to remind you that Incredible Adventures offers a variety of space adventures, including zero-gravity flights and future high-altitude flights aboard XCOR's Lynx. (Sadly, no trips to Mars...yet.)

Everest:  For Jumpers and Non-Jumpers Too

Skydive Everest with Incredible AdventuresOur Skydive Everest Adventure is nothing short of incredible.  Watch the 20 minute video from our 2010 jumps and you'll agree. But, if you're not the type to jump out of a perfectly good airplane flying higher than Everest, we can suggest another option for you.

Explore Himalaya, our Nepalese partner in the Everest Skydive, offers a variety of really affordable private and group trekking programs.

As a reminder, the next Everest Jumps are scheduled for October 2011. For more info, visit our website or send us an email

Alice is Coming to Town

Drive a Bulldozer and MoreOne of our favorite alums is coming to Sarasota soon, for a custom two-day Hard Hat Adventure.  Our standard program features drive time in a bulldozer, skid steer loader and excavator for $850, but if there's a special earth-moving machine you'd like to drive, just ask. We might be able to arrange it.

"Still Grinning Ear to Ear!"

Fly a Fighter Jet and Make a MovieWe just love some of the comments we get from people after they've spent a little time in a fighter jet.

"IT WAS AWESOME! Oh man, this was the best flight I have ever done. The absolute best....Watching the video playback is great to see the attitude of the terrain behind change as I maneuvered for the shot. Knife edge, nearly inverted, ground, sky, ground, sky, horizon rolling, way to COOL!..."

"Thanks for checkin' in Greg. I heartily endorse this activity so if you want to use any commentary, feel free to do so. I was telling everybody about it afterwards. Hey, flew a fighter jet today. Total strangers looking at the crazy cowboy with a gleam in his eye."

Let us put a grin on your face and a gleam in your eye. To learn how you can schedule a flying adventure in California or elsewhere, give us a call or send us an email.

800-644-7382 941-346-2603

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