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Adventure News - January 2011 - Second Edition

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A Trip Down MiG Memory Lane

It's been over a Doug and Joanne in the MiG-29decade since Doug and Joanne flew MiGs over Moscow with Incredible Adventures. In 1998, the couple flew a MiG-25 to the Edge of Space.  They had such an incredible time, they returned to Russia one year later to fly the MiG-29. 

The two have been good about keeping in touch over the years and recently "friended" us on Facebook. That's where we spotted this link to great video from their long ago flying adventures.

Watch the video and you'll see that Doug and Joanne's flying adventures took place at Zhukovsky Air Base, located just outside Moscow.  The Russian government ended civilian flights at Zhukovsky in 2005.  Today's MiG customers take off from the Sokol Aircraft Factory in the town of Nizhny Novgorod.

MAKS 2011This August, we'll be back at Zhukovsky, attending MAKS 2011. Every other year, Zhukovsky is home to one of the world's premier international aviation events. To learn more about the air show and how you can attend, contact Greg at 800-644-7382.

Shark Cages are Wonderful Things

Cage Diving with Incredible AdventuresA shark cage is a special metal enclosure, designed to keep potentially dangerous sharks a safe distance away. When you're in a cage, you can concentrate on seeing sharks and capturing great photos. You don't need to be constantly alert to what's around you.

In the Bahamas, we use a Cage Diving with Sharksround cage that floats just at the surface and holds our dive instructor plus two cage divers.

Remember, you don't need to be a certified diver to dive with sharks. Our dive instructor will teach you everything you need to know. Air is supplied from a hookah system on our shark boat.

Our next Tiger Shark Dive is set for Saturday, February 26th. Future dates include April 2nd and May 21st. The cost is $875 to get into the cage, or $375 to view topside. Contact Sheri for more info.

One Fan at a Time

Incredible Adventures is on FacebookYou don't have to "like" us on Facebook, but you can if you want.  You'll see photos and news on our Facebook page that never makes it into our newsletter or on to our website.


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 This Adventure Has the
Sheri Seal of Approval

Sheri rafts in Costa Rica.Spend 8 days and 7 nights in Costa Rica, experiencing "The Big Adrenaline Rush."  That's how IA's Sheri Lewis spent her Christmas vacation.

Here's Sheri's idea of fun:

Day 1: Arrive in San Jose and travel to your hotel in La Fortuna.

Day 2: Waterfall Rappelling and a trip to the Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs.

Day 3: Whitewater Rafting.

Day 4: Horseback Riding through Cloud Forest.

Day 5: Canopy Zipline followed by Sunset on the Beach.

Day 6: Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling

Day 7: Back to San Jose. Shop, relax, explore.

Day 8: Leave for home, tired and happy.

Pricing varies according to hotel season, but is typically less than $2500 per couple, for an 8 day/ 7 night adventure that includes activities, lodging, transfers and some meals.

Custom programs are also available. For more information, contact us.

Hollywood Top Gun Pilots
Amaze Crowds in China

Hollywood Top Gun L-39There's a reason our Hollywood Top Gun pilots were in China last year. They were introducing the country to the sport of air racing.  See incredible video from the race and learn more about The Ultimate Air Race Championship at

If you'd like to make your own "top gun" movie with an incredible pilot, send us an email.  You can read more about our Hollywood Top Gun programs on our website.

Treat Your Valentine to
an Adventure

This Valentine's Day, think outside the jewelry box. Forget about the chocolates. Skip the sappy greeting card.

Instead, give your loved one a gift guaranteed to get the heart pumping. air combat adventure. Or a shark dive. Or a HALO skydive

Flowers wilt and candy melts, but the memory of an Incredible Adventure lasts forever.

800-644-7382 941-346-2603

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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