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Adventure News - February 2011 - Second Edition

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jumps HALO with Incredible AdventuresBill is a man of few words. Either that, or he really believes a picture is worth a thousand words.  When asked by Sheri Lewis what he thought of his recent HALO jump, he responded with just one sentence: "HALO is a Blast!" He did, however, attach these two great photos to his email.

Jumps HALOIf you'd like to make your own military-style, high-altitude skydive, let us know. Tandem HALO skydives are available all year long near Memphis, Tennessee. No prior skydiving experience is necessary. The cost for the two-day tandem HALO program is $3495.

If you'd like to make a high-altitude skydive with a view of the world's tallest mountain, we can arrange that too. The next Everest Skydive is set for October. Pricing for the multi-day adventure in Nepal fluctuates with exchange rates, but is roughly $33,000 US. To learn more about Skydive Everest, visit our website.

69 and Growing

Some people collect stamps. Others collect fine art. We even know a guy who collects F-104 Starfighters.

What do we collect? Nothing as cool as supersonic fighter jets, that's for sure! We collect website addresses.

We didn't realize just how large our collection had grown until we got a personal "thank you" call from GoDaddy last week. They really appreciate all our automatic renewal payments.

www.migadventures.comPeople collect website domains for many reasons. We have lots of websites simply to make it easier for people to find our adventure info. Back in 1996, when we introduced our very first website, we didn't realize how hard incrediblehyphenadventuresdotcom would be for some people to remember.

Take a peek at our newest "sister sites". and

Incredible Adventures is on FacebookWe're On Facebook

We posted great HALO jump photos and will be adding new shark dive photos soon. (That's our way of tempting you to follow us on Facebook.)



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The Highest You Can Go...For Now

Fly to the 
Edge of Space in a MiG-29Fly so high the sky appears black above and blue below. It's possible now in the legendary MiG-29.

The MiG-29 can take you nearly 70,000 feet high in the time it takes to tie your shoes. That's roughly 2 1/2 times the height of Mt Everest or 48 times the height of New York's Empire State Building in a matter of minutes.

MiG-29 "Edge of Space" flights are available all year long at the Sokol Aircraft Plant in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. No flying experience is necessary to fly high. The base provides all necessary safety training and the use of a pressure suit and other safety equipment.

There is currently nowhere else in the world where you can experience a high-altitude flight, without enrolling in the military.

Book a Rocketship Tour on the LynxThat will change in the future. Engineers at XCOR Aerospace are hard at work on the Lynx, a first generation rocketship designed to take a single pilot and passenger nearly 200,000 feet high. Flights are expected to begin within the next couple of years. You can reserve your $95,000 high-altitude Lynx flight now through Incredible Adventures.

To learn more about flying high, give us a call or send us an email.

The Ladies Like Joe

Sharky Jill is off Down Under, working on a shark project, so friend, divemaster and fellow marine biologist Joe D stepped in to lead last weekend's Tiger Shark Adventure in the Bahamas.

Sharks at Tiger Beach, photo by Duncan BrakeNo doubt about it. The ladies love Joe. Six huge female tiger sharks showed up to make his first trip with IA an incredible success. Joe called from the dock to tell us he had a great time at Tiger Beach with "the girls" and so did our cage divers :)

Joe will be returning to lead our April 2 and May 21 Tiger Shark Dives and Jillian will be back from her shark adventure in Australia in time to lead our June 25 trip.

Book a Bahamas cage dive today. No dive experience is necessary to get into the water with big sharks. Contact Sheri for complete details.

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Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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