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Making Dreams Come True for 18 Incredible Years

Incredible Adventures Celebrates 18 Years in BusinessThe year was 1993. A young American entrepreneur was in Moscow, recruiting programmers for his new software company, when a guy named Andrey offered him a flight in a MiG-29. It was a case of "love at first flight".  He signed a deal to market the flights worldwide and returned to Florida to form MIGS etc.

Incredible Adventures, then known as MIGS etc., ran early ads in the Wall Street Journal.Many people thought our first ads in the Wall Street Journal were a joke. We had a tough time convincing people we could really get them into the cockpit of a premier Russian fighter jet.

Until they started seeing the news stories, that is. Suddenly, the story of a new Florida company offering the chance to fly a "Cold War relic" was being told everywhere.

A team from NBC Nightly News was at the air base to see Sarah, an investment banker from New York, and Alex, a furniture dealer from Miami, become our first two customers to fly MiGs over Moscow.

Today, we have a different name and fly from a different air base and have arranged thousands of flights.  A lot has happened in the last 18 years, but breaking the sound barrier in a MiG over Russia is just as incredible today as it was back then.

Visit this special page of our website to view the "NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw" story, a "CNN Headline News" feature and our very first promotional video, starring company founder Kent Ertugrul. You'll also find links to some of the stories that appeared in newspapers back in 1993.

He Found Love, She Got an Early Start on a Career

Incredible Adventures was founded in 1993 under the name MIGS etc.When Bob scheduled his MiG flight in Russia many years ago, he didn't realize just how much it would change his life. At Zhukovsky Air Base, he found more than fighter jets. He found true love. We checked in with our first Russian General Manager Marina a few weeks ago. She and Bob are still happily married. Their daughter Sasha just started high school.

In 1994, then eleven-year-old Katrina Mumaw  became the first child in history to break the sound barrier in a Russian fighter jet. She went on to attend the United States Air Force Academy and is now a Behavioral Scientist with the United States Air Force.

Fly a MiG in Russia and tell us how it changes your life.  For information, contact Greg.

Come Play in the Dirt and We'll Watch

Drive a Bulldozer for fun in Sarasota, Florida.This time of year, it's beautiful in Florida. It's the perfect time of year to plan a Hard Hat Adventure near our Sarasota, Florida office. Spend time driving a bulldozer, excavator and skid steer loader and attempt to set a new record on the speed course. For details, visit our website or give us a call.

Hawke's Home For a Bit

Train with Specops Mykel HawkeOur very own Mykel Hawke has finished filming his two hit Discovery Channel Shows for the season and is available to lead custom Specops survival training adventures for the next few months. Give us a call or send us an email if you're interested in training with the man from "Man, Woman, Wild" and host of "One Man Army".

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What's a Birthday Without Balloons?

Incredible Adventures Balloon Pilot SteigerWe'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our Adventure Team. Steiger is a commercial balloon pilot and FAA certified balloon flight instructor. He can teach you everything you need to get your solo flight certificate, take you on a daring mountain or desert crossing, or fly you up, up and away so high you need an oxygen tank to breathe.

Single and multi-day, multi-flight packages range in price from $750 to $9650 or more. Programs are customized for each adventurer.

Make a tandem skydive from a hot air balloon.Skydiving is even more incredible when you jump from the basket of a hot air balloon. Make a "normal" tandem jump from one of Steiger's balloons for $985 or a special balloon tandem HALO jump for $2985. (Pricing may vary according to location.)

Travel to one of his favorite locations in Utah, Nevada or Colorado for your incredible ballooning adventure or we can arrange for Steiger and his chase team to bring the hot air excitement to you. Choose a US or international location.

Skydive from a Hot Air BalloonWould you like to fly in Steiger's beautiful balloon? If so, give us a call or send us an email.

(Just reading about balloons may have you humming the classic 60's song "Up, Up and Away".  Visit YouTube to see the song performed by The 5th Dimension. Soar with Steiger and he'll tell you he's known the band's lead singers Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr since childhood.)

Shark Dive or Shark Snorkel?

Cage dive with great white sharks and tiger sharks.We take any complaint we receive from a customer seriously, especially since we receive so few of them, but a recent complaint from a shark dive participant completely surprised us.

She objected to us calling our shark dives shark "dives".  She insists it's not a dive at all because our shark cage floats at the surface and when you're in the cage, your head is just a few feet under water.

Many people do Incredible Adventures uses surface shark cages.associate the word "dive" with air tanks and deep ocean depths, so we can kind of see her point. And, you don't have to be dive certified to get into our shark cages in San Francisco, Mexico or the Bahamas

In our defense, we think just as many think of "diving" into a swimming pool or taking a "dive" in the ocean after a day at the beach.  In South Africa and Dive instructor Julia Bissinger leads our shark dives in San Francisco.Mexico they use surface cages and refer to the experience as cage diving. 

We describe the experience as being a lot like snorkeling, but you aren't really snorkeling either. And, let's face it. A shark snorkel just doesn't sound as much fun as a shark dive and getting into the water with sharks is definitely fun.

Contact Sheri to book a shark dive/shark snorkel/incredible adventure with sharks.

Great White Shark season in the Farallones continues weekends through November 20th.

Our next Tiger Shark Adventures in the Bahamas are set for December 3 and April 21.

San Francisco Shark Dives, Farallon Islands, September through December

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