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Not Enough Yelling :)

Covert Ops is an Incredible Adventure in FloridaOur most recent Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventure near Miami received rave reviews from all participants, including our lone female operative. (She did complain there wasn't enough yelling, but she did it with a smiley face.)

When asked to sum up her experience, Sue wrote: "Ready to take care of terrorists....NOT! But aware of my surroundings and my shooting skills taken up a notch."

Mark had so many great things to say about Covert Ops, we only have room to print a portion of his kind words:

"The covert ops training was stupendous and outstanding in every way. I cannot give you enough accolades for Garret and his wonderful support in Jarred and Moshe. Garret is a superb, brilliant, and highly intelligent, and patient instructor. I cannot imagine a better teacher anywhere in the world. So good that I will be going back for further instruction and I will sign up for any other courses provided. I will never train with anyone else....I strongly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to grow, be challenged, and leave with superior skills and confidence. This is a profound life experience – it  changed my life for the better. I cannot wait to go back.

Our next four-day Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventures are set for August 9th - 12th and December 6th-9th. For complete details, visit our website or email for free info.

View top secret video clips of May's Covert Ops training  here and here.

Hanging Out in a Balloon

Place your ad on Steiger's BalloonOur world-traveling hot air stunt pilot Steiger was in and above Gulf Shores, Alabama last week for the popular three-day Hangout Music Festival. The event reportedly drew a crowd of 35,000 to the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Steiger's appearance was arranged by the people behind Hippie Social, a new smart phone application. Steiger's one-of-a-kind promotional flight over the The view from Steiger's balloon.Gulf required extensive advance planning and detailed  knowledge of the winds. (A water landing would not have been good.)

When Steiger isn't off flying adventurers across the Alps, Andes or some other incredible spot, he's available to help promote your business or product. You can place your advertising message on one of the 50 or so balloons at a balloon festival, or you can arrange a custom flight with Steiger through Incredible Adventures and own the sky.

For more information about our "air powered" offerings, call, email or visit our website.

Sharks Are On the Move

Shark Dive 
at San Francisco's Farallon IslandsEach year, adult great white sharks make their way to San Francisco's Farallon Islands to feed on the area's population of elephant seals. The annual migration makes the Farallones one of the best places in the world to view an adult white shark in the wild.

with Great White SharksWe'll take you there. Our great white shark viewing expeditions begin September 22 and continue through November 18. Dates are already starting to fill up, so make your reservation for a cage dive or topside adventure soon for the best date selection.

No dive experience is necessary. Expeditions are staffed with both certified dive staff and trained naturalists.


Cage divers pay $875 and topsiders pay $375 for an incredible day in an incredible place. For more info, visit our website or call or email Sheri.

Interested in more time shark diving? Consider one of our liveaboard trips to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. Multi-day trips aboard the Nautilus Explorer begin and end in San Diego, California. Sheri has all the info.

Twice Isn't Going to Be Enough

Colin just made his second trip to fly a MiG over RussiaColin just returned from his second trip to Russia to fly the incredible MiG-29. Based on what he emailed Greg on his return, our friends at the base will be seeing him again soon.

Here's one of our favorite Colin-isms:

"I would wash, vacuum and clean every MiG for two years for a 45 minute flight, if Oleg is agreeable to that. It is, as you say, very addictive, maybe not for everyone but certainly for me."

We'll tell you more about Colin's MiG flights and the way he's used his flights to raise awareness for ovarian cancer in a future newsletter.

If you'd like to fly a MiG-29 in Russia, email or call Greg. Flights are addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you.

We're Still on Facebook

Incredible Adventures Inc is on Facebook. Please Like UsIf you don't already "like" us, but would like to, you can find our company page here.


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A Record Performance

Join us in congratulating Oz Bayldon and the rest of the team from the Music4Children. Together with a group of mountain and music-loving adventurers, they just performed the World's Highest Gig The World's Highest Gigon the side of a mountain in Nepal, raising money for orphans and reclaiming their spot in the record books. You can find great photos and audio reports from their incredible adventure on the World's Highest Gig Facebook page.

Music4Children is a UK charity that "raises funds and awareness for The World's Highest Gig in Nepalchildren in need through the power of musical events, both normal and extreme". (We'd say this counts as one of their extreme events.) 

For more information about Music4Children, or to make a contribution to this 100% volunteer-run organization, visit

Stay tuned to this newsletter for information on the next incredible musical adventure with Oz.

Side note:  If you've got some extra time, check out this fun article and video posted by the Streatham Guardian. To promote the World's Highest Gig, our guy Oz abseiled down the side of his UK pub and played guitar suspended in air.

The Height Difference

Here's a bit of what Chris, one of our recent HALO skydivers, had to say about his high-altitude skydive:

"Hello Greg. I had an awesome time. Although the jump initially didn't feel any more remarkable than a regular Make a HALO jump.jump from 14K, the similarities quickly ended.  The thin air (little resistance) followed by the discernible levels of thermals, were definitely a wow factor, but the biggest impression was the endless free fall. I thought I was falling forever, and the ground wasn't getting any closer, this was truly a remarkable experience.

I thought I was going to face extreme cold and extreme speed, but both were negligible. With the ambient temperature at -41F coupled with 200+ MPH descend, one would expect a very chilling experience, but this was not the case, it was a very comfortable ride.

...I was extremely overwhelmed by the experience and would recommend this to jumpers of any level, even first time jumpers..."

If you'd like to make your own HALO jump near Memphis, give us a call or send us an email. Jump season runs through October.  For more information about the military-style high-altitude jumps, please visit our website.

Skydive Everest This October

Everest with Incredible Adventures

A high-altitude skydive from a plane is incredible. A high-altitude skydive from a hot air balloon is incredible. "Incredible" doesn't begin to describe the experience of making a high-altitude leap with a view of the world's tallest mountain.

Don't take our word for it. Skydive Everest this October with Wendy, Tom and the rest of the Everest Skydive team. Whether it's your very first skydive, or your 500th, it's sure to be an incredible adventure.

Limited space is available and advance planning is mandatory. For details, visit our website or send us an email.

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The Incredible Adventures Florida Office will be closed from 5 pm EST Friday, May 24 through 9 am EST Tuesday, May 29 for the Memorial Day holiday.

Dive with Sharks

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