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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
MAY 2013 Edition 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue

Astronaut Rocks Space

We'd like to thank Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, for entertaining and educating the world, and for helping to get an entire new generation excited about space travel.  He definitely rocked the Space Station with his rendition of the David Bowie song Space Oddity.

Here are links to other great music videos featuring Commander Hadfield:

I.S.S. (Is Someone Singing), performed with Canadian band "Barenaked Ladies"

Chris Hadfield Jewel in the Night

He Rocked Space, You Can Rock Vegas

Contact Incredible Adventures for info about Rock Camp in Las Vegas.You can be a "Rock Star for a Day" here on earth, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Together with our friends from Rock Camp, we're now offering more ways to live out your rock and roll fantasies.

Three different "Rock Star for a Day" programs are now available, for less than $1000 each. The musical adventures provide the chance to jam with professional musicians, use of top-of-the-line musical instruments, roadie assistance and a digital recording of your session.

Each "Rock Star for a Day" adventure is customized to match your musical preference. Scheduling is easy and gift certificates are available. All musical levels are welcome and there is no age limit. 

A Rock Star Adventure in Las Vegas makes the perfect Father's Day Gift, Bachelor Party Event or Corporate Team Building Activity.  For more information, send us an email or give us a call at 800-644-7382.

Fly to the Edge of Space This Summer

If you want to fly high this summer, you need to call soon. MiG-29 flights in Russia must be scheduled at least 60 days in advance, due to airbase security clearance requirements. No pilot's license is required to fly up to 21 km high over Russia.Fly a MiG over Russia with Incredible Adventures 

(If you'd like to fly even higher, reserve a flight aboard the Lynx.)

Incredible Adventures has been arranging MiG flights in Russia for 20 incredible years. Let us arrange a flight for you.

For complete information, call or email us today.

Travel Channel Names Covert Ops One of the Country's Top Five Fantasy Camps

Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventure from Incredible AdventuresIf you've completed a Covert Ops Adventure in Miami, you know why TV's Travel Channel recently named our Covert Ops Counter Terror Warfare Adventure one of the country's top five fantasy camps. Instructor Garret Machine and his team provide incredible training.

View camp footage aired by the network on the Travel Channel website. Our next Covert Ops Adventure is scheduled for June.  Groups of four or more can pick their own mission dates.  For more details, contact us or visit our website.

They Survived

Specops Survival Camp with Incredible AdventuresA group of friends from college wanted their buddy to have a bachelor party he'd never forget. So, they contacted Incredible Adventures and arranged a custom Specops Survival Mission near Miami.

They spent a night in the woods with a veteran of the US Special Forces hand-selected by Mykel Hawke, learning to survive off the land. If the new groom and his bride are ever stranded on a desert island, he'll know how to build a fire, make a shelter and survive until help arrives.

Custom Specops Survival Adventures can be scheduled for groups of six or more. For details, visit our website or contact us.

Dive for the Phone if You Want to Dive With Sharks

Dive with sharks and Incredible AdventuresIncredible Adventures offers shark diving adventures in four great locations. You don't have to be a certified diver to join any of the trips, but you do need to be fast at calling or emailing.  Some of the trips sell out far in advance. (Our 2014 Isla Guadalupe trips are almost sold out, so we've started taking reservations for the 2015 viewing season.)

Dates to Note:

This year's white shark season in San Francisco is September 28 - November 17.

Our next Bahamas Tiger Shark Adventure is August 24th. (Private charters can be scheduled virtually anytime at a cost of $8750.)

Incredible Adventures Inc is on Facebook. Please Like Us


A Canadian in Russia

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield in Russia

From 2001 until 2003, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield was the Director of Operations for NASA at the the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, where our cosmonaut adventures take place. One day, he was happily surprised to encounter two fellow Canadians, there at Star City with IA's Moscow staff to complete hands-on space training and a zero-gravity flight. Commander Hadfield accepted an impromptu invitation to join our Canadian clients and Russian staff for lunch in the cosmonaut dining hall.

That very special lunch took place over a decade ago, but we're sure our Canadian customers remember it well.

Commander Chris Hadfield and Russian Staff enjoy lunch at Star City

You can make your own great memories at Star City.  Incredible Adventures offers a variety of hands-on cosmonaut training in Russia, including space suit training, hydrolab training and centrifuge training.  We can even arrange for you to meet a Russian cosmonaut.

For more information, call or email us today.  A brochure of cosmonaut adventures can be downloaded here.

Help a Story Get Told

The USS R-12, photo copyright Tim Taylor

When we set out to develop a white shark adventure in San Francisco, we looked to Captain Tim Taylor for assistance. The experienced explorer, shark diver and boat captain helped to establish our white shark outreach program at the Farallon Islands. He later assisted in launching our Bahamas shark adventure at Tiger Beach.

Now, Tim is the one in need of assistance. 

He lead the discovery team that located the remains of the World War II Submarine USS R-12, in 2010. The R-12 mysteriously sank off the coast of Key West on June 12, 1943, carrying 40 American servicemen and two Brazilian sailors to their death.

The discovery of the USS R-12 is being turned into an independent feature documentary, aimed at honoring the 42 entombed sailors. Additional funding is needed to complete the production.  You can learn more about the project, "Twice Forgotten: Heroes of the R12 Submarine", and contribute to its completion, on Kickstarter.

Shocking But True...Some People Don't Know About Us

Incredible Adventures is celebrating 20 years in business.

We've been delivering dream adventures for 20 incredible years. Over the last two decades, our Incredible Adventures have been featured in thousands of news articles and on hundreds of television networks.

And yet, just last week, right here in our hometown of Sarasota, Florida, someone told us he'd never heard of us before.

That's just wrong. Everyone should know there's a world of adventures waiting to be experienced.

You can help spread the word. Like us on Facebook. Share our newsletters. Pass along our brochures. Pin us on Pinterest. Tweet about our adventures. You'll help others live a life of adventure, and help keep us around another 20 years. 

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

Call us. We Love to Talk Adventure!

800-644-7382 or 941-346-2603


Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

© 2013 Incredible Adventures, Inc. 6604 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota, Florida 34242

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rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue