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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
April 2014
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue

Climb High This July

Fly to the edge of space with Incredible AdventuresNow's the time to contact us if you'd like to fly a MiG over Russia this summer. The security clearance process takes at least 60 days to complete, so we're now scheduling flights for early July and beyond.

a MiG-29 with Incredible AdventuresYou can fly up to 21 km high, where the sky appears black above and blue below, for a fraction of the cost of a future civilian space flight.  A MiG-29 flight is incredible on its own, but it also makes a great "training flight" for anyone planning a future flight aboard an XCOR Lynx.

For more information give us a call or contact us by email.

Our Hottest Adventure Yet

Experience Fire with Incredible Adventures

Have a burning desire to be set on fire? Looking for an extra "spark" to "light up" your next corporate meeting?

Incredible Adventures is excited to announce a new partnership with legendary fire stunt man Ted Batchelor.  Experience the insane adrenaline of being set on fire. (You can also contact Incredible Adventures to schedule an appearance by Ted at your special event.)

Ted Batchelor helped set the Guinness World Record for "most people in a full body burn". .

Email us for more info. All training is custom quoted, with pricing based upon location and number of participants.

Join Our May Mission

Covert Ops Incredible AdventuresOur next two-day Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventure is set for May 16-18. Spend two full days training under the direction of former Israeli Defense Force Operative Garret Machine.  

The $2950 price includes expert training, use of all weapons and equipment, ammo, lodging and most meals.

As a reminder, groups of four or more can pick their own private mission date.

For more info, contact Incredible Adventures soon. The deadline for registration is rapidly approaching.

We Make News - Over and Over and Over Again

In the last 21 years, our incredible adventures have been the subject of countless news stories.  We have notebooks filled with press clippings.

When you complete an incredible adventure with us, we're more than happy to send a press release to your local newspaper, telling of your accomplishment. All you need to do is ask and we'll help make you famous :)

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Happy Cosmonautics Day

Celebrate Yuri's
Night - April 12 and all month longOn April 12, 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made history by becoming the first man in space. Now, every year on April 12, people around the world gather to celebrate space all things "space".

In Russia, April 12 is celebrated as "Cosmonautics Day". In the US and elsewhere, people celebrate "Yuri's Night".  You can learn more about "Yuri's Night" celebrations planned around the globe on the official Yuri's Night website.

To help get you in a space party frame of mind, Incredible Adventures has created a special Yuri's Night website page, complete with party ideas, space videos and a space party music playlist.

After his history-making flight, Gagarin became Deputy Train for Space
at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center with IATraining Director at the Russian Space Agency's Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow. Today, Incredible Adventures offers a variety of cosmonaut training adventures at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

To learn more about the variety of space training offered, call us at 800-644-7382, visit our website, view our brochure, or contact us by email.

Should We Be Allowed to Attract White Sharks in San Francisco?

Tell NOAA What You Think

NOAA is currently examining white shark activities within San Francisco's Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Our San Francisco cage diving adventures take place within the Sanctuary. NOAA will soon decide whether to continue issuing "shark attraction" permits to shark tour operators and shark researchers.Shark Diving in
San Francisco - Permit Situation

NOAA has published what is called a "Draft Environmental Assessment".  Once the required time for "public comment" has passed, they will announce their decision.

The public only has until April 23 to comment. You can read the document and submit your comments here.

When white shark protections were first proposed for the Sanctuary, NOAA officials promised that shark tour companies would be able to get permits to use the same kind of shark attractants used by shark tour operators in South Africa and Mexico.

Once the regulations were enacted, NOAA announced that shark tour companies would only be permitted to use decoys.  Now, NOAA could refuse to allow any shark attraction at all.

NOAA has declared their preference is to continue issuing permits, so hopefully there's no cause for alarm. (Sadly, it appears the Sanctuary will only allow decoys and has no intention of honoring its promise to grant permits allowing the use of scent attractants.)

If you have an interest in white sharks, we encourage you to read the document and share your comments on the government website.

Call us. We Love to Talk Adventure!

800-644-7382 or 941-346-2603

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue Subscribe to Incredible News

rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue