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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
AUGUST 2016 - Issue 2
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue

It's Good to Go High

Fly to the edge of space with Incredible Adventures

Let Us Send You to the Edge of Space in a MiG over Russia

Fly up to 20 km high and nearly twice the speed of sound with a top test pilot from RAC MiG Corporation's Sokol Aviation Plant. No pilot's license is required. Thanks to a favorable US-dollar exchange rate and low fuel prices, there has never been a better time to fly a MiG over Russia

Watch Michael's flight to the edge of space.(Fact check:  Prices were lower 23 years ago when we first introduced the world to MiG flights over Russia, but back then, clients received flight videos on a VHS tape and needed a slide projector to view flight photos. That makes flying now definitely better. Today, all Incredible Adventures MiG flight packages include incredible high-definition digital video and photos.  Some of our early MiG flyers have been returning to fly again, just for the higher quality video.)

We're currently taking reservations for flights in December and beyond.  You could celebrate Christmas in a MiG! Winter has always been one of the best times to fly to the edge of space. The MiG-29 performs best and climbs highest in cold weather. For complete details call or email Greg.


San Francisco Great White Shark Dive FAQ

San Francisco Great White Adventures

Everything You Need to Know and More

  1. Travel to the Farallones aboard the Derek M Baylis with
IAWe only operate our one-day white shark adventures during the peak season for sightings. In San Francisco, that is late September through mid-November. This year's first trip is October 1.
  2. No dive experience is required.  We use a floating shark cage and surface supplied air, so if you can snorkel, you can shark dive.
  3. We supply cage divers with a 7 mil wet suit, hood, boots and gloves.  A 7 mil suit is the warmest wet suit made. Cage divers are asked to supply their own dive or snorkel mask. (If you forget, we'll provide you with a loaner, but it might not fit as well as your own.)
  4. Trips depart from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. We leave very early in the morning and return after sunset, so plan on a fun 12 hour day.
  5. You'll travel to the Farallones aboard the Derek M Baylis, a 65 ft powered sailing vessel custom-built for offshore research and education.
  6. We operate under an educational permit issued by NOAA.  We are authorized to use a decoy to lure sharks near our cage and boat and increase sightings.  We are currently not permitted to use bait. 
  7. We provide a light breakfast, hot lunch and a variety of snacks aboard the boat.  We can generally accommodate most diet restrictions.
  8. Trip insurance is required and typically costs about $50. 
  9. There is no shark guarantee. We'll take you to the best place at the best time of year and do everything we can to increase the likelihood of a sighting, because we want to see sharks just as badly as you do, but we cannot control nature. If you don't see sharks, there is no refund. Sorry. 
  10. A trip to the Farallones is an incredible wilderness adventure.

Book your 2016 San Francisco Shark Adventure online today.  (If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.)

Read about the latest shark research at the Farallones, and see great white shark video shot by the Sanctuary's long-time shark researchers here.


It's Always Sharky in Bimini

One Day Cage Dives with Great Hammerhead Sharks
in Bimini Bahamas with IA

Cage Dive from a Glass Bottom Boat in the Bahamas

Shark Adventure Brochure - Incredible Adventures - IA WorldwideWe've just scheduled three one-day Bahamas cage diving adventures right in the middle of Bimini's Great Hammerhead season.  It's always sharky in Bimini, but the prime months for seeing elusive Great Hammerhead Sharks are December through April.

If you'd like to get in the water with hammerheads and other big sharks, join us in the Bahamas January 7th, February 18th or March 22nd.  No dive experience is required.

All of our Bahamas shark dives make use of a custom-built floating shark cage and surface-supplied air. A cage eliminates the need to constantly be aware of one's surroundings, and allows shark lovers to focus on capturing great photos and making lasting memories. The cost per cage diver is $875 and topside observers pay $375.  (Add optional seaplane transportation from Ft Lauderdale/Miami to Bimini for roughly $400.)

Book online here.

If you dive other times of the year, you have the potential to see giant tiger sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks and nurse sharks. (Note:  We have a few spots left for an upcoming September 24th shark expedition.) 

Bimini Sharks - Jillian MorrisBimini is a tropical paradise just 53 miles from Miami, known for its crystal clear water. Prime shark viewing spots are just a short boat ride from shore, making it possible to fly over from Florida in the morning, spend a few hours shark diving, then fly back to Miami before dark.

For additional details and dive dates, call or email Greg.

Watch CNN's video profile of our friend Jillian Morris, founder of Sharks4Kids, and see some of the sharks waiting to meet you in Bimini.


Skydive Everest for an Incredible Adventure

Skydive Everest with Incredible Adventures

Our Next Adventure at the Top of the World Kicks Off October 29

Watch Everest Skydive Video - Jump Everest with Incredible AdventuresThere's still time to join our next Everest Skydive Adventure, set to begin in Nepal on October 29th, but if you can't make it this Skydive Everest Brochure 2016year, we're taking advance reservations for April 2017.  The current cost to tandem jump Everest is $25,000 per person and includes multiple days of trekking, lodging, meals, guide services, jump training, incredible video and more. For more info, visit our website or call 800-644-7382.  

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All


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rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue