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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
SEPTEMBER 2016 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue

An Irish-Russian Love Story

Owen flew to the edge in a MiG-29 with Incredible Adventures

MiG Flyer Returns Eleven Years Later to Watch Husband Fly High

Owen flies MiG over Russia with IA 'Tis a wonderful tale of an incredible love Of jets, each other and the sky above. As a single Irish lass, it was she who did fly. In a MiG over Russia to an altitude so high. Now she gave to her new husband, the best gift of all. The flight in a MiG he had always dreamed of.

Owen and Nicole train for spaceNicole from Ireland was unmarried when she flew a MiG over Russia with Incredible Adventures back in 2005. Back then, our edge of space flights took off from Zhukovsky Air Base, outside Moscow, and featured the legendary MiG-25 Foxbat. When Nicole married some years later, she made it known that someday, she'd give her new husband Owen an incredible MiG flight of his own.

That day came this month. Owen broke the sound barrier and climbed to the edge of space in a legendary MiG-29. His flight took off from our current home for flights, the MiG Corporation's Sokol Aircraft Plant. Nicole was there to watch and share in the excitement.

Prior to his MiG flight, Nicole and Owen joined Incredible Adventures for last year's MAKS Air Show outside Moscow and watched aerial demonstrations by some of the world's top pilots. The couple also completed a variety of hands-on cosmonaut training at Star City.

When the two returned home to Ireland, they shared these comments:

Dear Greg,

Just to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip, especially Owen's MiG-29 flight. The whole visit went very well, with the courteous efficiency we have come to associate with Incredible Adventures.

Thank you. Nicole and Owen

Now is the time to plan a 2017 MiG flying adventure for yourself, or someone you love. Call or email Greg for a free price quote and date availability.

Dare to Dive the Farallones

Dive the Farallones with Incredible Adventures

Go Where the Big Sharks Are

Book a great white shark dive in San FranciscoIf there is no way you can die happy without seeing a great white shark, then a cage dive at San Francisco's Farallon Islands may not be the best choice for you. Your best bet may be a multi-day liveaboard adventure to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico, where the current success rate is 100%. We cannot guarantee you'll see a shark in San Francisco, where conditions are very different. That said, if you have a spirit of adventure and are willing to take the gamble, you could win the white shark lottery and see one or more of the biggest white sharks on the planet.

The lure of the Farallones is not a near-guaranteed shark sighting, but the size of the white sharks that lurk within the protected waters of California's Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and the thrill of diving in such a wild place. If you've seen photos of Guadalupe sharks next to cage divers, you know they are huge, but you may not realize that Guadalupe is known as a feeding ground for juvenile and sub-adult sharks. The white sharks that travel to the Farallon Islands to feed on the local population of seals are fully-grown adults. This means they are even more massive. Imagine sharks the size of cars.

Many also find the dive site's US location to be a plus. Our shark boat departs from San Francisco's popular Fisherman's Wharf early in the morning and returns in the evening. The Farallon Islands lie roughly 25 miles off the coast and are legally part of the city of San Francisco. This means there is no requirement for Americans to have a passport, leave the country, and spend days sleeping on a boat to have a chance to see sharks. We also offer our trips on weekends, to make scheduling easier.

Getting to the Farallones can be an adventure in itself. You'll travel aboard the Derek M Baylis, a custom-built powered sailing vessel, expressly designed for offshore research and education. The Baylis is the same boat used by the Sanctuary's resident white shark researchers.

sharks in murky water for a spooky time.There is no shortage of sharks at the Farallones, the seasonal home of one of the world's most significant white shark populations, but the water around the islands is typically very murky, requiring sharks to be closer to the cage to be visible. Sharks have been known to surprise cage divers, who don't see them coming. We are permitted by the Sanctuary to use decoys to lure sharks close, but we are not allowed to use bait, like we do in other dive locations. As a result, most of our sightings at the Farallones are of dramatic, natural feeding events. The sharks are at the islands to feed on the local seals, so there can be multiple predations in a single day.

We can't guarantee a shark sighting at the Farallones, but we can promise we'll do everything in our power to make your dream of seeing a giant white shark come true. Members of our experienced shark crew want to see sharks, too! The Farallones is also home to a vast variety of other wildlife, so a trip to the Farallones can feel like an incredible ocean safari.

Dare to dive the Farallones. You won't be sorry. Our first trip is Saturday October 1 and our 2016 season continues through mid-November. Learn more and book online here.

Jump High Fast

HALO Jump Near Memphis with Incredible Adventures

2016 Tennessee HALO Season EndsNovember 15

The outside air temperature at 30,000 feet is easily 30 below zero or colder. In summer months, this isn't an issue for Tandem HALO Jumpers, who freefall toward warmer air at speeds in excess of 200 mph. When the cold air at altitude becomes an issue, is when the air down below is cold, too. If you jump in Tennessee's winter months, you're cold from start to finish.

HALO Jumper VideoThat's why we stop our jumps for the year mid-November....sooner if a blast of cold weather arrives early. We want Tandem HALO jumpers to be as comfortable as possible throughout their exciting high-altitude, military-style skydives.

Call or email now to schedule your incredible jump. No prior skydiving experience is required. The cost is $3695 per person and includes raw video. (Group discounts are available).

Note: Don't let a physical limitation stop you from calling. You won't know if you can jump if you don't ask.

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rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue