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OCTOBER 2016 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue

Australian Jumps Into The Record Book

Dane Kinder Sets World Record

 Dane Kinder Becomes First Quadriplegic to Complete Two High-Altitude "Oxygen Jumps" Within 24 Hours

On September 27, Australian Dane Kinder made two incredible high-altitude tandem skydives near Memphis,TN,  becoming the first quadriplegic to complete two "oxygen jumps" within a 24 hour period.  The 28-year-old made his military-style "HALO" jumps from an altitude of roughly 30,000 feet, where the outside air temperature is nearly 40 below zero and supplemental oxygen is essential.  On his way back to earth and into a record book, Dane reached freefall speeds in excess of 220 mph.

Read the full press release and see more photos here.

We commend Dane for being an incredible inspiration to others. He refuses to let his physical limitations hold him back.

Dane's boundary-pushing jumps would not have been possible without the assistance of HALO Jump Master Kevin Holbrook and his staff, partners of IA since 2003. Mark Gerlach served as tandem master for Dane's jumps and videographers were Alex Gubanov and Alex Coker.

If you'd like to make a high-altitude skydive near Memphis, contact us today. The 2016 jump season ends soon. No prior skydiving experience is required. The $3695 per person price includes jump training, use of equipment, flight time and raw video.

Dock Change in San Francisco

San Francisco Shark Dives Depart Pier 40

Great White Shark Adventures Now Leave from Pier 40

Finding our San Francisco great white shark boat just got easier. The Derek M Baylis Dive with Great White Sharks in San Francisco from the
Derek M Baylisnow departs from Pier 40/South Beach Harbor. Pier 40 is located just north of AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. Our shark trips depart before sunrise and even in the dark, a giant stadium (pun intended) is a hard-to-miss landmark.

We still have space on several Saturday expeditions this season.  For dates, details, current availability and online booking, visit our website.  As a reminder, no dive experience is required. Cage divers pay $825 and topside observers pay $475 for an all-day adventure.

Twenty-Three Incredible Years

MiG Flights Started in October 1993

We Sent Our First Customers to Fly
MiGs Over Russia in October 1993

It's hard for us to believe it's been 23 years since we arranged our very first MiG flight over Russia. We were the first to offer the Russian MiG flights to the world and today, Incredible Adventures remains the only non-Russian company to be granted a contract for civilian flight sales by the Russian MiG Corporation.

Back in 1993, we were known as MIGS etc. and our flights took off from the Gromov Flight Research Institute near Moscow. Among the first to fly were a female investment banker named Sarah and a reporter from the New York Times. You can read about their long-ago flights here.

It was big news when we introduced the world to "high-performance flying holidays". We've posted some of the earliest news stories, including a great piece featuring Tom Brokaw, on a special page of our website.

Watch early video footage here.

Incredible Adventures MiG Brochure - Call for PricingToday, our flights take off from Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG's Sokol Aircraft Plant, located in the town of Nizhny Novgorod, about a four hour train ride from Moscow. Russia remains the only place in the world where civilians can break the sound barrier and climb to the edge of space in a legendary fighter jet. (That's OK, because Russia is an incredible place to fly!)

We're now taking reservations for 2017 flights. Discover why so many of IA's MiG clients have returned to fly again and again.Fly a MiG over Russia with Incredible Adventures and you'll encounter a wonderful team of aviation professionals, dedicated to making sure your experience is incredible.

Call or email for a free price quote.

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rss Adventure News from Incredible Adventures

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue