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MARCH 2017 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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March 8th is International Women's Day

Women Fly MiGs with Incredible Adventures

Join Us in Saluting Bold Women

Men still make up the majority of our adventure clients, but more women are flying MiGs, diving with sharks or participating in other incredible adventures each year.  We hope to see this trend continue.  

Encourage the women you know to be bold this year. Read more about International Women's Day here.

Meet an Air Show Star

Fly Then Dive in San Francisco with Incredible

Fly With Rich in "Mako Shark"

Fly with Rich Perkins and Incredible AdventuresLet a former U-2 spy plane pilot introduce you to "Mako Shark", the only SF-260 Marchetti on the American airshow circuit. Rich Perkins is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, an international air show performer, and an award-winning pilot instructor. He has more than 10,000 total flight hours in more than 120 different aircraft.  

An aerobatic flight lesson with Rich is something you'll never forget. After an initial safety briefing, you'll take off from California wine country and soar over amazing scenery.  No prior flight experience is required.  Instruction is tailored to your experience level.  Pricing starts at $995.  For complete details, call 800-644-7382 or send us an email today.

Note: Rich and "Mako Shark" are based in Livermore, CA, an easy drive from San Francisco, and the Pier 40 home of our Farallones Great White Shark Adventure. Fly with Rich now, or combine a flight with a great white shark adventure this fall.


The Sharks Are Big in Bimini

Cage Dive with Hammerheads, Tigers and Lemons in
Bimini with IA

Next Bimini Cage Diving Adventure Set for April 1st

Don't miss a chance to cage dive with big sharks in the crystal clear waters of Bimini. Our next scheduled shark diving adventure is set for April 1. Cage divers pay $875 and topside participants $375 for a one-of-a-kind cage diving adventure.(Private charters can be arranged on other dates.)

Bimini is the island in the Bahamas that is closest to Florida. You can take an international flight to the island, or catch a ferry or seaplane from the Miami area.

Book online or by phone. For more info, call or email today.


Dare to Dive the Farallones

Farallones Shark Dives aboard the Derek M Baylis with
Incredible Adventures

Search for Giant White Sharks in a Wild and Spooky Place

Shark Photo by Peter Winch NOAA Greater Farallones
National Marine SanctuaryIncredible Adventures has been offering cage diving expeditions to San Francisco's Farallon Islands for more than a decade. Each year, some of the biggest white sharks on the planet travel to the Farallones to feast on the local seal population.  You don't have to be a diver to join us for an incredible day offshore.

We make the journey to the sharks aboard the Derek M Baylis, a vessel custom-built for offshore research and education. The islands lie roughly 25 miles off the coast of San Francisco and are part of the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. (Our trips are conducted under the terms of an education permit issued by the Sanctuary.) We utilize a floating shark cage and surface-supplied air for our shark dives, so no dive certification is required.

Our full-day cage diving adventures depart from San Francisco's Pier 40 before sunrise. and return after dark.  The $825 per person dive price includes the use of a wetsuit, cage diving instruction, naturalist presentation, a light breakfast and hot lunch.

Our 2017 shark season kicks off Saturday, September 30th.  Private charters are available. For more information, visit our website or call 800-644-7382.

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