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FEBRUARY 2018 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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San Diego Ops Leader Conducts
Real Life Rescue Missions

San Diego Ops leader conducts real life rescue missions

Read About Tosh in PEOPLE

Our San Diego Covert Ops Missions are conducted under the supervision of retired US Navy SEAL Toshiro Carrington. When Tosh isn't leading adventures or providing training to elite military teams, he helps find missing children. His work with the volunteer group "Saved In America" is featured in a recent issue of PEOPLE Magazine.

Contact Incredible Adventures to schedule a "SEAL Team" Adventure in San Diego with Tosh and his team.

Video: San Diego Ops

Train With Former Israeli Special Forces Operative Garret Machine

Garret Machine former Israeli special forces operative

New Half-Day Personal & Home Defense Programs

Incredible Adventures now offers special half-day Covert Ops training missions with Israeli Special Forces Veteran Garret Machine. Train at one of our Miami-area facilities or at a location near you.

The condensed Covert Ops missions are designed for groups of four or more and are great for corporate groups, bachelor parties and birthday celebrations. Training scenarios utilize real guns and simulated ammo.


  • What to do if you find burglars in your house
  • What to do if you're attacked in a parking garage
  • How to clear a room and conduct a search
  • Procedures for firing in crowded situations
  • How to handle public place scenarios

Pricing is based on group size and facility choice. Email or call 800-644-7382 for a custom price quote for your group of 4 or more. (Multi-day adventures featuring live fire are also offered.)

Video: Multi-Day Covert Ops

Experience Adventure in the Sunshine State

Warbird flights make great gifts

Choose From Several Florida-Based Adventures

If you're heading to Florida to "escape winter", be sure to give us a call. Incredible Adventures offers more adventures in Florida than any other location. You can Fly a Warbird near Orlando, Float in Zero G near St Pete, Race a Corvette in Palm Beach, Drive a Powerboat in Miami and much more.

Brochure: Florida Warbirds

Custom Adventures Are Our Thing

Custom adventures including powerboat racing

Let Us Plan a Custom Adventure for You

We're an adventure company but we're also really good at planning parties and special events. When a group of 75 wanted a fun day in Miami, we suggested powerboat racing, sailing and jet pack flights. For a 40th birthday party, we created a custom "adventure race" across several states. We've been delivering dream experiences for almost 25 years. Let us plan an adventure event for you. Call 800-644-7382.

Video: Offshore Adventures

Valentine's Day is February 14th

2018 Book of Dreams Adventure Catalog

Give Someone You Love an Adventure

2018 Adventure Catalog

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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