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JUNE 2018 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Wargaming Launches New World of Tanks Game
with an Incredible Adventure

World of Tanks Mercenaries Launch with Mykel Hawke, Greg Claxton & Garret Machine.

IA Teamed with PR Firm and Museum of American Armor to Deliver A Custom Tank Adventure On Long Island

Earlier this month, select members of the media were invited to the Museum of American Armor in Old Bethpage, NY to participate in a custom World War II tank adventure organized by Incredible Adventures and PR firm Uberstrategist, Inc. The military adventure kicked off a press event highlighting the release of "Mercenaries", an exciting addition to the highly popular "World of Tanks" game. There are more than 15 million players worldwide.

The custom group event featured more than 20 World War II reenactors and IA's very own Mykel Hawke and Garret Machine. Incredible Adventures arranged the tank adventure, meeting venue, on-site catering and group transportation.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind group event, let us know. We offer much more than what you'll find on our website.

World of Tanks Launch Party

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Video Preview

Sunshine, Beaches & Lots of Adventures

Zero Gravity Flights in Florida

Summer is a Great Time to Visit Florida

Summers in Florida are hot and it rains almost every day. But for most Floridians, it's the best time of year. Roads aren't clogged with tourists. Hotel rates are at their lowest. There are no long lines to eat at favorite restaurants, and local beaches aren't jam packed.

Schedule one or more of these great Florida adventures this summer and we'll help you stay cool:

Call 800-644-7382 for details.

Video: Florida Zero G

Dive the Farallones
Home of the World's Biggest White Sharks

Cage dive with great white sharks Farallons Islands & Isla Guadalupe

Peak Viewing Season in San Francisco is Sept 15 to Nov 30

The absolute best place in the world to cage dive with white sharks is Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. The water is crystal clear, authorities permit the use of scent attractant, and trips typically include three or more days of shark diving. As a result, your odds of seeing white sharks at Isla Guadalupe are near 100%. The multi-day trips are offered July through November and begin and end in San Diego. No dive experience is required. A passport is required and cost starts at roughly $3250 per person.

For those who can't make the trip to Mexico, we recommend our one-day shark trips in San Francisco. The sharks at Isla Guadalupe are really, really big... 12 ft or more...but they are not as big as the sharks that migrate to San Franciso's Farallon Islands to feed on the local seal population. Sharks spotted in Mexico tend to be "subadults", the shark world's equivalent of "teenagers". Sharks spotted at the Farallones are typically fully grown adults and can measure up to 20 feet in size.

Odds of seeing sharks at the Farallones aren't as high as at Guadalupe, but our experienced shark crew will do everything possible to make it a sharky day. Trips depart from San Francisco's Pier 40 on select weekend dates during peak viewing season.Cage dives are $825 and topside observers pay $475 for an all-day adventure.

For more information about any of our shark trips, call us at 800-644-7382.

Book a San Francisco Shark Dive Online

Baltic Bees to Perform in Greece

Baltic Bees flying in formation

Schedule Your Summer Flight With Europe's Incredible L-39 Team

Latvia's famous Baltic Bees Jet Team is scheduled to perform at this year's AirSea Show, June 29th and 30th in Kavala, Greece. Other countries where they'll appear this summer include Poland, Sweden, Hungary and Moldova. When not amazing air show crowds, the Baltic Bees offer L-39 flights to individuals and groups at their home airport near Riga. To schedule a flight, give us a call at 800-644-7382.

Incredible Adventures also offers L-39 jet flying in France, Russia, Australia, California and Florida. The US is the only place where a pilot's license is required.

See L-39 Flight Info

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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