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Shark Diving Has Positive Impact

Researchers Find People are More Interested in Sharks and Shark Conservation After a Shark Dive

Researchers have found that cage diving adventures, like those offered by Incredible Adventures can have a positive impact on shark conservation. Read the study published by scientists in Australia here.

Schedule a great white shark dive at San Francisco's Farallon Islands or Mexico's Isla Guadalupe by calling 800-644-7382. No dive experience is required. You'll return home loving white sharks!

San Francisco Brochure

Isla Guadalupe Mexico Brochure

VIDEO: San Francisco Shark Dive

Skydive Antarctica This December

Tandem skydiving Antarctica

Tandem Jump Onto a Glacier and Camp on the Ice

Incredible Adventures is offering a rare, last-minute opportunity to make a truly epic skydive over the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctica. No prior skydiving experience is required.

In December, members of our elite Everest Skydive Team will be heading to Antarctica to oversee this exclusive freefall event. You can join them and make a tandem jump onto Union Glacier.

The multi-day polar expedition begins and ends in Chile and includes several days of artic exploration from a special base camp on the ice. Participants will sleep in special clamshell tents, warmed by the Arctic's 24-hour sunshine.

Contact Greg for complete information.

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We're Celebrating Our 26th Birthday

Greg and Rebecca in space suits at Star City Russia

Another Year, Another Adventure

Back in 1993, our original owner was in Moscow, interviewing computer programmers for a start-up company, when he was offered the chance to ride in a MiG-29. He loved his flight so much that he negotiated the right to offer MiG flights to the world and returned to Sarasota, Florida to found "MIGS etc."

Soon after the first MiG flights were arranged, the company was asked to add Russian space adventures and Russian tank driving to its offerings. The company's first Russian zero-gravity flight took place in February 1994. By 1996, the company was offering so many different adventures that a new name was needed and "MIGS etc." became "Incredible Adventures".

Today, you can still fly a fighter jet, train for space and drive a tank, but you can also dive with sharks, race a powerboat, skydive Everest and much, much more. View our online adventure catalog here.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Watch 1993 Video of First MiG Flights on NBC News with Tom Brokaw

Shark cage diving in the Farallones

Cage Dive San Francisco

Space still available:
October 27, November 2, November 9,
November 10 & November 16

Learn More

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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