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Starfighters Aerospace Adds Black Jet to Fleet

Flight Training for Private and Commercial Pilots is Available Now (and in 2021) at Florida's Kennedy Space Center

Schedule a December flight lesson or book now for 2021. F-104 Flight Training is available to licensed pilots at NASA's Kennedy Space Center near Orlando. COVID safety protocols are in place.

Called "a missile with a man in it", the F-104 Starfighter was used to prepare a generation of astronauts for space travel. Manufactured by Lockheed, the F-104 was the first aircraft to simultaneously hold both speed and altitude records.

Starfighters flight training participants receive a one-on-one overview of the legendary aircraft's key systems and learn the fundamentals of piloting the supersonic aircraft before taking to the air for one or more incredible flights. Pricing varies according to options selected. Pilots should allow three days for completion of the FAA-approved flight program.

For more info visit or call Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382.

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She Said "Yes" to More Than a Shark Dive

Future Groom Spent Months Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal in a Shark Cage

Brian spent months planning a trip from Florida to San Francisco, where he was to propose to his girlfriend Delaney while cage diving with great white sharks. There were lots of questions to be answered and details to sort out.

Would he be able to get down on one knee in the bottom of the cage? Where would he hide the ring ahead of time, since wetsuits don't have pockets? How could he make sure the ring couldn't be dropped into the sea? Would the ring go over a dive glove or would she need to take her glove off? Could someone be in the cage with them to take photos? Could he bring champagne on board to celebrate?

Brian worked closely with Incredible Adventures to get his questions answered and plan the perfect "great white wedding proposal". After all his careful planning, his shark cage proposal didn't happen. Their scheduled shark trip had to be canceled due to rough seas offshore.

Brian and Delaney still had a great day. Incredible Adventures arranged a complimentary Bay Cruise aboard the Baylis, where they celebrated their engagement with IA's shark crew and other "weathered out" shark divers.

Here's some of what Delaney's future husband had to say: "...your crew...they were wonderful and extremely hospitable and did a wonderful job of celebrating such a special occasion with us...the cake was excellent and you guys didn't have to do that, so believe me, we really appreciate it...we'll always have this as a wonderful memory of our time here".

If you'd like to propose to someone special in an incredible way, give us a call. We'll be happy to help. (We're now taking reservations for 2021 cage dives at San Francisco's Farallon Islands.)

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Video Slideshow: Brian & Delaney's Engagement Cruise

Experience Nepal in an Incredible Way

Skydive over Mt Everest

Skydive Everest or Motorbike The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang

We've been offering the chance to Skydive Everest since 2008. Next year, two Everest Skydive events are planned, one in May and another in November. Both tandem and solo jumps are offered, so no prior skydiving experience is required. The $25,000 per person price includes one or more incredible skydives, jump services, use of equipment, guided trekking, lodging, meals and event video.

In May of 2021, we're offering another incredible adventure in Nepal. Experienced riders can spend two weeks on a motorbike, exploring the Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang, located on the border of Nepal and Tibet. Pricing starts at just $5545 and includes use of a motorbike, necessary permits, guide services, lodging and most meals. This adventure is not yet on our website, so call or email for complete details.

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Video: Everest Skydive Images

Make a 28,000 Feet High Skydive Over Tennessee

High Altitude, Low Open parachute jumps

Take the leap! We offer 28,000 ft Tandem HALO-style parachute jumps near Memphis, TN. The high-altitude oxygen jumps provide almost twice the high-speed freefall of traditional skydives. No prior skydiving experience is required. The cost is $3695 and gift certificates are available. Jumps can be scheduled most Fridays.

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Cage Dive With Big Sharks in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the best places in the world to cage dive with big sharks.Private cage diving adventures can be arranged all year long in Bimini.

Note: Currently all travelers to the Bahamas are required to obtain a "health visa". Applications can be submitted online and require proof of a recent negative COVID test.

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Engage in Air Combat

An Air Combat Adventure makes a great holiday gift. Flights can be scheduled in Arizona, Nevada and California.

No pilot's license is required. Virtually anyone who meets minimum health and physical requirements can fly.

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Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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