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Baby Seal Joins Divers in Shark Cage

Baby seal joins divers in Shark Cage

Evades Great White Shark Hunting for a Meal

We just wrapped up another great season of shark diving at San Francisco's Farallon Islands. Each year, adult white sharks the size of cars migrate to the Farallones to feed on the local seal population. Peak season for viewing shark predations at the Farallones runs from mid-September through November.

Not all attempts by white sharks to prey on seals are successful. In November, a baby seal managed to evade a white shark by swimming into our shark cage and hanging out with shark divers. (Since it is illegal to interfere with a white shark feeding event we feel it important to note that hiding in our shark cage was entirely the baby seal's idea.)

For a chance to see great white sharks (and maybe a seal) from the safety of our floating shark cage, reserve a 2023 cage diving adventure now. No dive experience is required. Trips sell out quickly and are offered on select October and November dates. (A cage dive makes an incredible Christmas gift!)

Contact Incredible Adventures for complete dive details.

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Video: Baby Seal Joins Shark Divers

Take a Cool Plane Out for a Spin

Aerobatic flights in Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas

Aerobatic Flights are Available in Multiple Locations

Incredible Adventures offers aerobatic flight training in Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas and aerobatic warbird flights in South Carolina. No pilot's license is required. Prices vary, with several $995 options. Flights make great gifts. (A guy in Colorado just received a flight in Colorado for his 30th birthday.)

Each flight offers the opportunity to take the controls under the guidance of an experienced flight instructor. For aircraft availability and flight details, contact Incredible Adventures.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

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Our New Florida Battlefield is Open

Drving the FV-433 Abbot tank in Orlando Florida

You Can Now Drive a Tank in Orlando

Drive an FV-433 Abbot in Orlando. Our new 14-acre facility is located an easy drive from Orlando Airport, Disney and Universal. Individual driving packages start at $330, including taxes and fees. Scheduling is easy but advance reservations are required.

You're never too old to drive a tank, but the minimum age to drive is 16. Passengers can ride for an additional fee, as long as they meet minimum height requirements.

A variety of driving options are available, including a package featuring a car crush for $1175. Contact Incredible Adventures for date availability and additional price options.

(Incredible Adventures also offers tank driving adventures near Minneapolis.)

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

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Pilots Can Fly a Fighter Jet in Texas

Marchetti S-211 in flight over Dallas TX

Pilots can fly a Marchetti S-211 near Dallas. Introductory flights start at $3250. Advance instruction, including upset and recovery training, is also available.

Contact Incredible Adventures for pilot requirements and date availability.

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HALO Jump in Tennessee

High Altitude Low Open HALO tandem skydiving

Schedule your 2023 HALO Jump now. Make a high-altitude tandem jump with oxygen from 28,000 feet. No prior skydiving experience is required.

Our drop zone is located near Memphis, TN. The cost to HALO jump is $5000 and includes aircraft, tandem master and videographer services.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Next Evasive Driving Class Set for January

Evasive driving experience in Arizona

Our next three-day Evasive Driving experience in Arizona is set for January20-22. Become a better driver while having incredible fun behind the wheel.

Our instructors teach law enforcement and military how to stay safe behind the wheel. Let them teach you at our special facility in the desert.

The $2650 price includes meals and optional on-site lodging.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue Contact Incredible Adventures

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