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Incredible Sahara: FAQ

What is the temperature at this time of the year?
It is the beginning of summer in Tunisia, specially in Djerba, the temperature will be in the 78º to 85ºF (25ºC to 28ºC). To take a swim the water will be a little chilly but hotels do have swimming pools. In the Sahara itself count on a few degrees higher in the day and lower in the night

What kind of clothing is necessary?
Light clothing during the day, like T-shirts and light regular shirt at night you'll need something warmer, like a sweat shirt or a jacket.

Are the hotels in Djerba far from the airport?
The hotels you'll be staying are 30 minutes away from the airport

In the hotel, how can we clean our things and are there hair dryers?
In the hotel there is a laundry, and hair dryers are provided

Are beverages included in the full board?
Bottled beverages soft or alcoholic are not included and are to paid on the spot

What kind of food is served at the hotel?
The cooking is European and Tunisian style.

How can I place long distance and international phone calls?
One can call collect, through the hotel exchange and most probably a deposit will be required at the cashier's for long distance and international. There are also outside pay phones that can be operated with prepaid phone cards.

What is the currency used in Tunisia?
The currency is the Tunisian Dinar which in value is close to one US$.

What is the budget for this kind of trip?
As everything is included, but beverages, the average budget ought to be from US$500, discounting any expensive souvenir or antique shopping.

What are the means of transportation inside Djerba?
Mostly taxi cabs, which are rather inexpensive. A trip from the major hotels to Houmt Souk (capital of the island) is US$4.

During the circuit in the Sahara what kind of vehicles will we ride?
All the circuit will be done riding 1999 4x4 Toyotas, with air conditioning during the day and eventually heating at night.
There will be 6 passengers per car plus the guide and the driver.

Is the circuit demanding and tiring?
The program is in the adventurous spirit of "Incredible Adventures" so is a little more demanding than a normal Sahara circuit.

What is the Tunisians' approach to the USA and are US citizens welcome in Tunisia?
Tunisia is a country which economy depends on tourism for 70% of its national income. Big investments in the tourism industry started in the sixties. The attitude toward foreigners by Tunisians is more evolved and mature than in most African countries. The official language of Tunisia is Arabic but it is also a French speaking country. Tunisians are also speaking Italian, German and some English.

Does our guide speak English, and will he stay with us all week?
The guide speaks fluent English and will be with the group during the entire tour.

Honestly, is this Sahara trip worth doing?
We say "yes absolutely!" and we have some nice surprises in stock for you.

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