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Incredible Sahara: Your Itinerary

An Incredible 8 Days in Tunisia!

Sunday: Djerba: Your adventure begins when you arrive in Djerba, Tunisia's 200 square mile island in the Mediterranean. You'll be met at the airport by your English-speaking guide and escorted to a luxurious oceanside hotel. Spend your first evening in Tunisia relaxing from your flight.

Monday:  Djerba: The morning begins with a tour of the island and its landmarks, including a visit to Houmt Souk Bring home a treasure from the markets of Tunisia!(a marketplace for handicrafts and antiques), "Ghriba", the world's oldest synagogue, and Guellala, a village of traditional pottery craftsmen. You'll return to the hotel and have a free afternoon to spend poolside or at the beach. In the evening, you'll enjoy dinner in a seafood restaurant on the beach.

Tuesday: Gabes, El Hamma, Gafsa, Metlaoui, Pass of Selja, Tozeur:Following breakfast, you'll cross the channel by boat, arriving at Gabes, a maritime oasis with Cool off under a waterfall at an oasis in Tunisia300,000 palm trees. then it's into a 4x4 and on to El Hamma. After lunch, you'll travek ti Gafsa, where you'll leave the 4x4 and climb aboard Le Lezard Rouge (the Red Lizard). This scenic railroad will take you on a two hour round-trip journey through the Pass of Selja, a narrow passageway through the mountains. The French name for this passage is "Le Coup de Sabre", or The Slash of the Sword. Upon returning to Gafsa, you'll travel by 4x4 to Tozeur, where you'll check into your hotel for the evening.

Wednesday: Chebika, Tamerza, Mides, Nefta, Douz:After breakfast, you'll depart for the waterfall at Tamerza, stopping along the way to visit the mountain Tunisia is beautiful and exotic!oasis of Chebika. You'll proceed to Mides, a village located on the border of Algeria. You'll visit the oasis and holy town of Nefta, known as "the Pearl of Jerid". After lunch, it's back in the 4x4 for an adventurous trek across the Chot El Jerid. The Chot is a dried salt lake, roughly the size of Kansas. Be on the lookout for a mirage, for this is the best place to see one. Your final destination for the day is Douz, known as "the gate of the Sahara".

Thursday: Douz: Let the games begin! You'll be officially welcomed to the Pegases camp with drinks and Tunisian pastries, then it's time to strap into a dune cart Dune carts over the desert sand. Plus ultralights, hot air balloons and hovercraft!for a training session on the track. After your driving lesson, you'll venture 6 miles into the desert to a nomad encampment. There, you'll help prepare a Bedouin lunch, to be served under a tent. After more time in the carts, it's time to take to the air for a view of Douz from the ultralight. Your day of adventure concludes with refreshments. The evening is free so you can relax poolside at the hotel.

Friday: Douz: Arrive at Camp Pegases early in the morning to watch as the hot air balloon is inflated. You'll fly into the desert, then enjoy lunch beneath a tent in the camp's Berber village. After lunch, you'll travel to a nearby lake for an adventure over sand and water in the hovercraft. You'll return to the hotel for dinner and time to relax before learning the art of riding a camel.

Saturday Matmata, Toujane, Medenine, Metameur, Djerba Depart Douz, bound for Djerba. Along the way, you'll visit Matmata, where the original Star Wars movie was filmed. You'll explore troglodytes, cave dwellings built 20 feet underground and have lunch in the restaurant "Le Troglodytes". This is a region filled with caves and craters. From Matmata, you'll proceed to Toujane and Medenine, traveling a mountain dirt track. Along the way, you'll visit a Ksar, a multi-story granary designed to keep farm products safe from insects and flash floods. You'll arrive back in Djerba in time for dinner.

Sunday Djerba, home After breakfast in the hotel, you'll be escorted to the airport for your departure.

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