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This version of Covert Ops is no longer available.


COVERT OPS Adventure Travel in Tucson Arizona

Incredible Adventures presents Covert OpsAre YOU ready for
the ultimate action-adventure experience?
Live the life you have only seen in movies or read about in novels. Each trainee at COVERT OPS will experience all the thrills and excitement of the clandestine life in a completely safe and secure environment.

"Unique and memorable. Best use of a weekend I have experienced in a long time. One of the few experiences that delivers what it promises and more"

Your Mission Impossible Scenario: You have been selected by an ultra-secret paramilitary unit for a covert mission in hostile territory. Only the best-trained agents will be able to survive the mission, so your training must be thorough and intense. You will be taken to a secret training base where a hand-picked cadre of Green Berets and contract mercenaries from the world's toughest special operations units will teach you all the actual skills needed for this operation.

"72 hours of pure adrenalin!"

High speed evasive driving both on and off road, combat pistol shooting, unarmed self-defense, espionage techniques, counter- surveillance, explosives and boobytraps. The mission is critical, the training is absolutely real, and the atmosphere is PURE FUN AND EXCITEMENT!

Your adventure begins at the Tucson, Arizona airport. A COVERT OPS undercover agent, displaying the recognition signal you received with your orientation packet, meets your flight. You follow the agent to a PMP (Personal Meeting Point) and are briefed on your mode of transportation to the training site. It may be by bus, car or even helicopter or light aircraft.

Incredible Adventures presents Covert OpsOnce at the site you're cleared by the armed guard at the gate. Don't expect to see the outside world again until your training is complete. COVERT OPS instructors in their distinctive desert camouflage fatigues are waiting to show you to your room and explain the meal schedule and other administrative functions. Tonight you bed down early, knowing the following day will be as intense as any in your life.     

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