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Shark Adventures: The Farallons

Farallons Photo Gallery

2 Day Dive Trips are Not Currently Available

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Two Day Farallons Shark Expeditions

Incredible Adventures is currently taking reservations for its one-day shark adventures only. We're in the process of contracting with a new vessel to serve as the platform for our overnight expeditions to the Farallones and anticipate announcing two-day expedition dates and details March 1st. Book a one-day expedition now and you'll have the option of upgrading to an overnight trip before dates go on sale to the general public.

Cage Diving Photo Shark Diving in the Farallon Islands off San Francisco Shark Diving in the Farallon Islands off San Francisco Cage diving in the Farallones Sunset in the Farallon Islands

Sample Two Day Shark Expedition Itinerary

Friday: Check in to our "great white shark hotel" between 7 pm and 9 pm. the night prior to your scheduled adventure. Receive a quick tour of the boat and learn the ground rules for staying safe aboard a real working expedition vessel. You'll receive your bunk assignment and learn where to store your gear. After check-in, you're free to go into town for dinner. (We'll have snacks and beverages on the boat, but no dinner will be provided the night you arrive.)

It's important that you're back on board by 9 pm for a pre-trip safety briefing. We enforce a strict curfew so everyone is well-rested and ready for the two incredible days to come. If you decide not to explore town, you can hang out in the lounge watching shark movies.

Saturday: We'll depart very, very early for the Farallons, but since you'll be safely tucked in your bunk, you're welcome to sleep in a bit. A hot breakfast will be served on the way out to the Sanctuary. As we get closer to the Farallons, everyone will gather in the big TV room for a presentation from our naturalist and a briefing from our dive instructor. Once on location at our favorite shark viewing spot, we'll drop the cages and let the fun begin.

Out at the Farallons, we'll meet up with Captain Eddie and the crew and passengers aboard the New Eldorado III, the 55 ft day boat used for our one-day shark adventures out of Fisherman's Wharf. Throughout the day, the two boats and crews will work in tandem, making sure IA shark cage divers get to spend lots of time in the water. Topsiders on both vessels will find they have a very important role. Those not cage diving serve as "lookouts", standing alongside our naturalists and scanning the horizon for signs of shark activity.

Late in the afternoon, passengers on the New Eldorado III have to return to San Francisco. You're lucky - you get to stay at the Farallons. All night.

Incredible Adventures Offers the Only
Overnight Shark Expedition to the Farallons.

Experience what it's like to be an ocean explorer conducting a research expedition at sea. Spend the evening sharing stories with the Captain and Crew and your fellow explorers. Talk diving with our dive instructor or photography with our photographer. Then crawl into your bunk and dream of the great white sharks swimming beneath your head. Don't let the fact Native Americans called the place "The Islands of the Dead" keep you from getting a good night's sleep. You'll want to be up bright and early for breakfast and another great day of cage diving and shark viewing.

Sunday: We'll spend the day cage diving and shark viewing and will be back in Sausalito no later than 6 pm.

Cage Diving Photo Shark Diving in the Farallon Islands off San Francisco Shark Diving in the Farallon Islands off San Francisco Cage diving in the Farallones Cage Diving Photo

Pricing & Details

Two Day Overnight Farallons Expedition - $1175
No dive experience is necessary. Our cages sit just below the surface. You can make use of the hookah system, or if you prefer, bring a snorkel. You'll be able to breathe comfortably from your snorkel or air hose while you move about the cage, taking photos and having fun.

There's no need for you to pack all your dive gear. All you need to bring is a mask and optional snorkel. We'll provide a wet suit, booties and gloves for you to wear during your dives. The waters near the Farallons are cold and murky so we provide a 7 mil suit, the warmest wet suit made. Please pack lightly, but remember to bring plenty of warm clothes and any personal items and prescription medications you may need while at sea. And don't forget your camera and batteries. (The nearest store will be 30 miles away and to get there, you'll have to be a very strong swimmer.)

Our two-day Farallons expedition is limited to just 12 cage divers. This program is officially open to only cage divers. If you want to experience life in the Farallons but don't want to dive, ask us. We might be able to make room for you.

Our two-day great white shark expeditions are currently offered weekends only, from late September to mid-November. (We've picked the prime months for shark viewing.) Contact us for availability.

Important Notes

There's No Shark Guarantee
Although we go to the best places at the best time of year, we cannot guarantee you'll see sharks. We've been very successful in past shark seasons and expect another incredible year. However, if we see no sharks, there is no refund. If we are unable to deliver your adventure due to weather or unforeseen mechanical problems, there is no refund. We will work with you to reschedule your cage dive or top-side experience for a future date.

Seasickness Happens
There is a good chance you'll experience a bit of seasickness on our shark adventures. Even our experienced shark dive crew still gets seasick from time to time. You can help minimize your chances by taking a seasickness remedy both the night before your great white shark trip and the morning of your trip. If you do start to feel poorly on the ride out to the Farallons, our staff is there to help you. Often a little time on the deck in the fresh air is all it takes to make you feel better.

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Farallones Webcam
The California Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and PRBO Conservation Science have teamed up to launch a live streaming web camera. This camera, which sits atop the lighthouse, can be used to observe breeding bird colonies, and breeding seal and sea lion colonies. It can also be used to observe ocean conditions and the off-shore activity of birds, whales and, possibly, great white sharks.

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